Qingyuan – A perfect escape from Shenzhen (or Guangzhou!)

If you are looking for a getaway from the hustle of Shenzhen or Guangzhou, like I was, you might want to check out Qingyuan. It’s a city packed with hot springs, eco theme parks and natural attractions. Fast trains from Shenzhen or Guangzhou make it a quick journey, from Shenzhen North Station it takes around 1 hour and from Guangzhou North about 15 minutes and Guangzhou South about 30 minutes. There are trains from GZ that go to Yingde Station which is useful if you are going to the Baojing Palace (a special cave). Read More.....» »

A day in Zhongshan

Guangdong Provinces’s smaller cities can be quite fascinating and uniquely diverse, Zhongshan makes a perfect example of this, here’s a small city set inland from the coast and some distance from the big powerhouse cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen yet it’s amazingly culturally diverse and seemingly mature city city. It’s by no means an ugly city but it certainly hasn’t got a big ticket nature drawcard, that’s brought people here from all over the world, but it has. Read More.....» »

Shenzhen: Dongmen Pedestrian Street – A Mall of Shopping Malls

Here is another one of those traditional Chinese shopping districts that I’ve come to admire, they span for block after block, most of them have been operating for centuries, they’re vibrant, teaming with life, and they’re packed with keen sellers waiting to do deals. These traditional market places have soul, and character that the modern shopping complexes just don’t have. And the Dongmen market area of Shenzhen is no different. Read More.....» »