Guangzhou Metro (subway)

Guangzhou has a modern subway system which services a large part of the city. For me, I wanted to get from Ghuangzhou East Railway Station to Pazhou where the Canton Fair complex is. It turned out to be pretty easy, just buy a ticket at the electronic vending machine which accepts coins, 5 yuan notes and 10 yuan notes.

I had to take line 1 to Tiyuxilu and then change to line 3 and then get off at Kecun and change to line 2 whose second last destination is Pazhou. When I walked out of the Pazhou Station I was right in the middle of trade fair city where the Jinhan Fair and Canton Fair Complex were located. The International Sourcing Expo is also nearby.

Guangzhou Metro map

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    1. Truth is I’m lost so much of the time that I just consider it to be normal! Im more worried when I know where Im going!

      Im on foot most of the time so, my legs normally run out of energy before I get really lost, if I had a car, hmmm, wow, I’d probably be in Russia right now!

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