Catching Up in Shenzhen

It had been a hectic schedule from the start of my trip back in Kuala Lumpur then to Chengdu and then around some of Chinas great cities and sights, so it was time to take it easy for a while. Plus I was a little keen to spend some time with a new friend, so Shenzhen was a perfect place to settle for a while.

I also needed to catch up on some work, and some writing! When I came back from Hong Kong I settled in at the Maple Leaf Hotel in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. It’s a comfortable place at a great rate which I’m sure I’ll speak more about in a later post. Susan arranged the deal which made things pretty easy for me. It’s also right next door to her apartments, hmmm, how convenient!

from the hotel room, in the distance is the mountains of Hong Kong

I would spend the next month here, getting to know Susan, exploring Shenzhen, visiting the trade shows in nearby Guangzhou, catching up on work and eating plenty of amazing chinese dishes!

mmmmm, healthy and delicious

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  1. Rod, you lived in Maple Leaf Hotel in Nanshan District of Shenzhen? WOW, it is near to me. Anyway, have a good time!

    1. Really, wow! There is a few maple leafs, im in the one near Shenzhen Uni on Xu Fue Lu.

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