Guandong Victory Hotel Shamian Island Guangzhou

If you’re looking for accommodation in Guangzhou and you’re after somewhere peaceful to stay, I think it would be pretty hard to beat Shamian Island. It’s relaxed, peaceful but still only a short taxi fare to the major shopping streets and main tourist attractions of the city.

I think there are four hotels on Shamian Island, including the White Swan Hotel, Guangdong Shamian Hotel, Customs Hotel and the Guangdong Victory Hotel. We chose the Victory Hotel simply due to the deal they had going at the time.

The hotel was built back in the early 19thcentury by the British who used it as a bank, so as you could imagine it’s a pretty grand old building. The building is in two sections with an east and west side, we stayed on the east side. The interior is a little dated looking, but still clean and comfortable.

The room was small but again clean and comfortable apart from the blocked toilet, and when you drained the bath, it regurgitated the water back up the drain hole in the bathroom floor, nice. I guess that’s all a legacy of a nearly 100-year-old building.

Probably the coolest feature of this hotel is the rooftop swimming pool.


For more info and latest discount rates check out the hotel page here, also see a map of hotels on Shamain Island.




Guangdong Victory Hotel

Guangdong Victory Hotel

Surrounded by breathtaking landscape, Victory Hotel houses 2 buildings including East Building with modern touches and West Building with classic elegance.


53号 Shamian N St
Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China