Hong Kong - Shenzhen

Hong Kong to Shenzhen

After leaving the China Sourcing trade fair and I headed back to Mong Kok and picked up my passport with its new visa, then from there to Tsim Sha Tsui to get my bag from the Cosmic Guest House. Then in a taxi over to Hung Hom Station to catch the train to Lo Wu (note its called Lo Wu on the Hong Kong side and Luo hu or Luohu on the Shenzhen side) which is the entry point to China mainland leading into the city of Shenzhen.

waiting for the train to Lo Wu at Hung Hom Station

This time I purchased a first class ticket, I felt like sitting down during the 30 minute journey to the Lo Wu border! I made just one mistake, by the time I get off the train and through the border crossing formalities, it would be close to 6pm. Just when everyone finishes work!

The border crossing was busy and when I got through and walked down to the Luo Hu metro (subway) station, it was packed, as I walked towards the terminal they were even broadcasting messages to say how overloaded the system was…so, that means its chaotic.

I managed to get a taxi and headed to Nanshan District of Shenzhen. On the subway it costs just 6 yuan (less than 1 aud) to go from Luo Hu to Nanshan but in a taxi its a heap more expensive than the budget priced subway but still fair value at 100 or so yuan. Anyway, another lesson to always plan ahead to avoid peak hour!

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Hong Kong – Shenzhen

Guangdong, China

Hong Kong

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China