Train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou

Train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou

I was heading to the trade fairs that are held every year in Guangzhou, in particular, the Canton Fair and lucky for me there’s a regular fast train between Shenzhen Railway Station and Guangzhou East (Guangzhoudong).

There are many trains running through the day on this route, about 24 trains a day, from early morning to early night. It takes just over an hour for the trip although some trains take a little longer at over 2 hours, maybe they stop at more stations but I’m not sure.

For my first trip, I booked a standard ticket at 75 yuan ($11) and it was a modern comfortable train, it was a D series train if you know your China trains. The only downside is that the seats are a little cosy.

The direction signs at Guangzhou East station are vague, non-existent and ambiguous. To find the subway after departing the train you’ll walk down a hallway with a series of stalls selling accommodation and travel services, just keep looking on your left for the opening which is pictured below.

For more detailed info visit the Shenzhen <> Guangzhou transport and train guide at

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update: the trains that leave Shenzhen Railway Station heading to Guangzhou East and Guangzhou Railway Station are now c class intercity trains. 

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  • June 10, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Yeah! the train with “D” is the fastest train in China, and it is comfortable train. While the slow train as you said not only have more station to stop but also need to give way to the D series train.

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