Holiday Inn Nanshan, Shenzhen China

The Holiday Inn is an American hotel chain, so, it’s guaranteed that the prices are going to be higher than your run of the mill Chinese hotel. But what do you get for the extra cost?

For a start, the Holiday Inn Donghua in Nanshan District is clean, like, western style clean and has western style service with attention to detail, and all the staff seemed to speak some level of English. Don’t get me wrong, I love roughing it in China, but sometimes the sense of familiarity is comforting.

Photo: Lobby at the Shenzhen Holiday Inn

There is two things that stand out about the difference between a western managed hotel and localy managed one, the attention to the small things. First of those is the cleanliness, every nook and cranny of the room I stayed in at the Holiday inn was clean. Many Chinese hotels I’ve stayed are only clean on the surface, look around and you’ll find stains, dirt around fittings and fixtures, and beds that have never had the vacuum cleaner under them or even near them for that matter. This place was clean, the room had a crisp, clean fresh feel which was a refreshing change.

The next noticeable difference is the beds, the Chinese love a bed that’s as soft as concrete floor but this was different. Here the beds are soft, the doona is plush and the bed has two pillows on each side. The pillows are full of life, as if they where new, when you are arrive the pillows are also labelled ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ so you can choose the most comfortable pillow for you. Again a refreshing change and a surprising attention to detail.

Inside the room.

The hotel has a large lobby bar and restaurant, upstairs there is also another bar done in a American sports bar style featuring large video screen and a constant feed of live sport and another restaurant. There’s also a Japanese bar and restaurant. I never ate at the resturants but Im told they are good. There’s often a happy hour for drinks at the sports bar which is good value.

Something I found frustrating about this place was the trouble the staff had with operating the cash register, whether it was a snack at the lobby bar or a drink at the sports bar, it seemed to take an eternity just to get your change and go. I started asking for the bill as soon as I ordered…but, small things I guess..

The hotel is walking distance to the new Coastal City Shopping Centre and Haiya Supermarket where you can find McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Cafe De Coral, supermarkets, cinema, theatre, multi level shopping mall and a small night market. There’s also a health spa/sauna in near the gym and in the surrounding streets there’s several small Japanese bars.

The hotel also features a gymnasium which is well equipped, a large indoor pool, steam room and sauna which were all free to use. The staff at the health club are friendly, helpful and speak English.

I hadn’t watched TV for a while apart from CCTV 9 which is a English news channel operated by the China Central Television Station. This place had satellite TV with many foreign channels including sports, BBC news, CNN news and movie channels. The room also had free broadband internet.

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Address: 2307 Donghua Park, Nanhai Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen

Chinese Address for Holiday Inn Nanshan, Shenzhen

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China