Shenzhen Electronics Shopping – Huaqiangbei and SEG Electronics Market

So I’m told if your after electronics or digital products there’s no better place to buy than in Shenzhen, China. This is backed up by the large number of electronics factories in the city, many global brand name products like the Apple iPhone and iPad are copied, I mean made, right here in Shenzhen too.

There are many electronics markets in the city too, but lucky me, Susan being a local took me to the number one  place to go electronics shopping in Shenzhen, if not the whole of China.  It’s the Huaqiangbei electronics market area  ( I think they call it Huaqiangbei Commercial Area) and it’s mind bogglingly big, apparently many gadget lovers and techies have entered this area and never been seen again! Just one of the multi-level electronics mega-stores is enough to blow your mind, but the fact that there’s numerous of them sprawling for block after block is just amazing.

Each floor of these buildings is packed with hundreds of independant retailers operating out of small stalls, and they’re all competing against each other!

If your not happy with the five massive floors of electronics in that building you can go to this one:

Still want more? Just walk around the corner to this one:

And there’s more if that’s not enough!

You can find everything in this area of Shenzhen including mobile phones, cameras, gadgets, laptops, pc’s, lcd’s, cables, accessories, batteries from brand names like Canon, Sony, Dell, Apple, Asus etc etc. You can also find OEM goods and there’s also plenty of brand name copies if you want to take a punt on quality.

Interestingly one multi level building is dedicated to small components like resistors, leds, plugs and all sorts of electrical and electronic fittings. There’s also whole floors of people selling second hand and recycled goods. If you need your mobile phone, camera or any electronics fixed, it looks like a great place for that too.

Believe it or not, I escaped here without buying a thing! I think I was too awestruck! But I’ve got the feeling I’ll be back….

Further along Huaqiang North Road, there’s a Maoye Department Store which has fashion, beauty and home products. There’s also another large department store/market featuring just womens fashion and is appropriately named Womens World, and further along is another Womens World mall, and also a shopping mall just for childrens clothes, toys and the like. Yes, it’s called Childrens World.

There’s also a ‘Foreign Trade Market’ which features a large number of market stalls selling mens and womens fashion, lots of knock offs and copies. Its located down a lane way that’s in between KFC and MOI (Maoye). Note, theres also a ‘Foreign Trade Market’ behind SEG but it sells home security and electronics…

Behind SEG, as mentioned, theres also a couple of buildings with stalls selling selling home security products and some selling no-name laptops.

There’s also a couple of multi-level buildings dedicated to mobile phones, including copies and originals! If your paying a lot, make sure it’s the real thing, but it probably won’t be!

How to get there: take the metro to Huaqiang Lu and walk out Exit A, theres also loads of shops selling clothes and curios inside that metro station.

Update: for some more detailed and upto date info check out the Huaqiangbei post at Shenzhen Shopper.

Here’s a rough hand drawn map outlining the major stores along Huaqiang North Rd (Huaqiangbei), could be a time saver to help get your bearings on a first visit. For more maps visit the Shenzhen Maps site.

click image to see larger version....

Map including location of hotels near and on Huaqiang Bei Lu.

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Recommended Hotels – (Walk to the market, Clean, Comfortable + English service)
Pavilion Hotel and Century Tower – 5 star, located at the northern end of the market area it’s an easy walk to any of the markets.

Huaqiang Plaza Hotel – has a fantastic location, right in the heart of Huaqiang electronics market area. It’s clean and modern, has a reasonably priced buffet restaurant and a Starbucks on the ground floor.

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  1. Hua Qiang Bei is the Electronic Market District of Shenzhen. It is the largest Electronic Marketplace in Asia and most electronic devices in the world originate nearby. The markets themselves house thousands of small individual shops representing manufacturers and factories in Shenzhen and surrounding areas. Navigating through the markets can be tricky and locating specific products can be very difficult without assistance.

    The ten most important electronic markets in Hua Qiang Bei in no particular order are:

    1 SEG Electronics Market

    2 Zhongdian Digital Market

    3 Foreign Trade Wholesale Center

    4 Gaokede Communication Market

    5 Longsheng Mobile Phone Market

    6 SED Electonic Commucation Market

    7 Shenzhen International Electronic Market

    8 Shenzhen SEG Communication Market

    9 Pacific Security and Protection Market

    10 Tongtiandi Communication Market

    Based out of Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen, the electronic capital of China, Shenzhen Purchase Agent is a professional exporting agency which provides access to a wide variety of electronic products.

    With clients world-wide, we have established a longstanding relationship with local suppliers, manufacturers and factories, which allow us to supply you with excellent pricing. Our experienced professionals have an extensive knowledge of the consumer electronic industry and are proficient in English and Chinese.

    Shenzhen Purchase Agent works with you on a personal basis to ensure any special requirements you may have are met quickly, efficiently and within your budget. From custom packaging, imei and serial number stickers, to special shipping and handling requirement, Shenzhen Purchase agent has a solution.

    We have found that there is a very real need for thorough quality control in all electronic products originating from China. We have developed intensive testing and inspection services that ensure the utmost in quality control to ensure that you receive your products in the excellent condition you expect.

    Shenzhen Purchase Agent favors long business relationships built on customer satisfaction both during after purchase. Our after sales service is second to none and has become a trademark of our agency

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  2. do you know where they sell adult toys in hua quiang bei? i read somewhere there’s a 2 strorey. adult toys market there.

  3. i like one of this most popular markets in china. i am the regular customer of huaqiangbei and seg market.i would like to tell all those people who visit this page that do more and make it most successful.this market’s men are very good businessmen.the one word say that this market has no substitute to the entire world.

    1. I’m not sure exactly where, but they’ll be there for sale somewhere at Huaqianbei, try inside the SEG building first

  4. about the ups u can find in the sega building the 3rd.floor. and most are in another building opposite to the sega building,just cross the main road.,called huaqiang electronic world . the 3 floor. they are selling laptop parts also can find the ups.

    – shenzhen tendorid international buying and sourcing company.

  5. this is where u can find your item in huaqianbei.

    1: for china oem pad: sangda building
    2: for laptop parts: huaqiang electronic world
    3: for electronic gadget : mini digital harbour,
    4: for usb and mp4 and oem psp: zhongdian building
    5: for china phone: mingtong market
    6: for professional cctv: pacific security market
    7: for small gadget : huitong market first floor
    8: for earphone and headphone and speaker : zhongdian market 3-6 floor
    9: for phone battery : gaokede and longsheng and mingtong market second floor up.
    10: for compresensive china electronic : sega building 3 floor.and 5th floor, 6 floor. 7 floor up is computer accessory factory outlet.
    11: for phone accessory: sage communication market second floor and yuanwang communication 3rd floor
    12: for phone internal parts: pangyuan communication market
    13: for ic and tool: sega building 1-2 floor
    14: for led : new huaqiang electronic world 6 floor.
    15: for electrial meter and tool: duhui electronic building second floor up

    16: for huaqiangbei item sourcing: 1502 room. junyuege building(chicago international hotel) , yannan road 9, huaqiangbei, futian , shenzhen , guangdong, china . shenzhen tendroid international buying and sourcing company
    phone: 0086 15099939722 teddy

  6. Hi Rod,

    Fantastic website and great information. Was wondering if you might be able to offer some suggestions for me. Am going to be Guangzhou at the end of March 2012 and now want to go to electronics Mecca. Any suggestions of how to get from Guangzhou City to Shenzhen ?

    1. Hi Rick, there is three passenger rail lines that run between the cities. So, you can leave Guangzhou from Guangzhou East Railyway Station Guangzhou North Railway Station which are both on the same line and terminate at Louhu.

      Or depart from Guagzhou South Railway Station which terminates at Shenzhen North Railway Station.

      The third line is for very slow trains and terminates in Nanshan, forget that one.

      If its your first time I’d suggest the line that terminates at Louhu as you can easily visit the Louhu market and travel on to Huaqianbei, mabye even take in Dongmen market on the way.

      More info on Guangzhou-Shenzhen Trains

  7. Hi Rod,
    I’m planing to vizit china next month in order to buy mobile phone accessories from the wholsale markets(covers, cases, leather cases, chargers, screen protector, etc..) for IPHONE, SAMSUNG, BLACKBERRY, IPAD and IPOD TOUCH, etc..

    My question is, where is the best place (wholesale market) to find these products in Shenzhen? and is it better to go to Guangzhou instead of Shenzhen?

    is it next month (March) a good period to find new designs (2012 design), the prices in Shenzhen are better than Guangzhou?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Huaqiangbei is the largest market electronics marketplace in China, for phone covers and cases try the upper floors of Yuanwang Digital Mall map: – also, you can easily locate wholesalers on sites like, and

  8. I have questions. to go to this place if we are from Shenzhen Railway Hotel
    2.where is the top cheapest place for cloth, jacket, shoes.

    Becauese im going to china this march and this is my first time. Thanks for your feed back.

  9. i am going to china next week and want to buy PS3&Xbox console and accessories and games but i want good wholesaler to deal with i think i will lost in Shenzhen because there is a lot of markets !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi This is Synge Zhan

    If any one want Hua Qiang Bei Market guild and interpreter please contact me

    There are arround 20 markets there, most of the pople don`t speak any English.

    I know where to get the right products, get the goods packed and doing shipping.

    Help you negotiate ,get good price.

    Especially how to ship those copy products out of China.

    I am your market expert in Shenzhen. not just help you with the language barrier but also make your business here effciency

  11. Hi Rod,

    I’ll be going for a 3days shopping trip with wife & her friends to ShenZhen in early Apr. Will be staying near to Laojie‎ station.

    This is my 3rd trip and being a techie, I have only been to SEG Plaza to buy electronic stuff.

    1) Is the Yanna station operational? I would like to get a few Android Tablet/Pad from Sangda Electronic Communication Market.

    2) Do you know where are the main distributor market for Karaoke Microphones?

    3) I am also buying some 100mw or higher power Green Laser Pointers & high power CREE LED torch lights, what are the main distributor market for these.

    Many thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Johnny,
      yes, Yannan Station is operational and very close to Sangda. Don’t have an answer for the other two questions. Enjoy your trip.

  12. Hi, just like to ask if this huge electronic centre sell original Nikon Camera’s and Nikon lenses. If so please let me know and give me your best advise.

    Mail me the information through my email.

    kind regards

  13. thank you Rod for such wonderful information. I am looking to travel to China to buy electronics and electrical materials for export to Nigeria, my question is… is Shenzhen the best place for me to get them?

  14. Hi… I would like to know where which some of the shops which are good in high quality replica phones and high quality Chinese brands. I prefer ones which have more variety. Thanks

  15. Thanks for all this details ,
    But i need your help in this

    1- is shenzhen better than guangzhou if i m looking for high quality items for i pad and iphone !!
    2- and what is the best and fatest way to move from guangzhou to shenzhen


  16. Hi Friends …

    I am in Shenzhen for three days and intending to pass by Hua Qiang Bei Market. Any help indicating to me what shops in the area offer LASER detection components and LASER pointers …etc

    With thanks.


  17. Hello , i would like to know if there is any good wholesaler of brand new laptops and brand new mobile phones. secondly do they come with the international warranty. thanks

  18. Hi..Just need your suggestion where can I find the Al-Quran Digital Model M10 in a huge amount? Just confusing whether to go to Guangzhou or Shenzen.
    Do email me for details.
    Thank you in advance.


  19. Hi
    Thanks a lot for this very useful webpage. I’m planning to visit Shenzhen in the near future. I am looking for electronic wholesalers or production factories for USB Flash Drives, (external&internal) Hard disk, Flash Cards, Memory cards, Card Readers, tablets, smartphones, Cameras (Photo & Video), Security Cameras etc.
    Huaqiangbei seem to be more a retailer place for me. Are there also many wholesalers too for these products in huaqiangbei? If not. Where can I find them? Which district of Shenzhen? Another question is: can I also find wholesalers for famous brands like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic???

  20. Hi
    i need to come to this market to buy electronics equapument please send me infomation
    best regards

  21. Is there any place in Shenzhen where I can buy small but powerful binoculars / spotting scopes / telescopes… this kind of thing?
    Thanks in advance

    1. I’ve seen this sort of thing somewhere but I cant remember exactly, I think it was at the Security Market behind SEG building

  22. Is this Shenzhen electronics market you speak of wholesale or retail?

    I’m looking for wholesale quantities of amplifier IC’s, USB drives, DVD diodes and drivers, and non-branded LCD LED TVs in a variety of sizes.

    I live in Hong Kong, so if you have suggestions of where else to look in China, I’d be most appreciative.

    Many thanks in advance.

  23. Where can i buy Dreambox500 in huachiang bei?? anyone with ideas where i can get them will highly be appreciated….
    thanks in Advance

  24. Are branded car audio systems cheap in SZ? Looking for Pioneer and Alpine players and amplifiers.

    Where do I find refurbished motorola walkie talkies as well as replica headphones such as Beats, Bose, Audio Technica etc? Thank you.

  25. can anyone tell me what is the price of replica of apple iphone 4s 16 gb i want this in wholesale in shenzhen market

  26. hi there.
    I will be getting to shenzhen in about a month.
    do you know where in this crazy massive electronics madness can I find a good place to get Nikon lenses and gear?

    1. try in the seg building, there is an area with many camera stores. But for brand name items, you may want to compare the prices with those in HK.

  27. Hi, I will be trying to Shenzhen in 1mths time. Could you kindly advise me on where about will i be able to get handphone accessories? (Cover, Ear dust cap, Portable charger and ear phones.)


  28. hello I’m a shnzhen October 12th if you can tell me where can I find fake clothing products very similar to the original

  29. I was reading this wonderful website but I could not find a more detailed list of the markets that sell;

    1. cellular phone accessories
    2. cellular phone parts
    3. cellular phones

    I am aware of the SEG Market, Longsheng, and Yuanwang but I am not aware of which markets are better. Can anyone help ?

  30. Hi, I am planning to china next month to purchase Tablet PC’s. can any one guide me where i can get the best tablet pc’s at low cost.

    Thanks in advance

  31. Guys, guys – you CANNOT buy ‘name brand’ goods wholesale – the supply chain doesn’t work that way. If you try to buy Sony/Samsung/Apple/Pioneer etc goods you WILL be buying copy/fake OR from a retailer. Forget trying to buy LCD TVs – unless you want 10 x 40′ containers of them you will NEVER compete with the large retailers in your country.

    These big companies keep a tight hold on the supply chain and you WILL NOT buy 100pcs of ANYTHING name brand at ANY wholesale markets – forget that. Huaqianbei area is the best for electronic components, NOT branded equipment.

    Look for the same TYPE of product WITHOUT the name on it and you will get good deals. There are many small retailers in the Huaqianbei area and also MANY outlets for factories because their factory is located a long way from this area. The trick is LEARNING to figure out for yourself who is the retailer and who is the factory.

    Remember also that in China there is tax for the seller to pay – Hong Kong is tax free and very often name brand things like Nikon/Pentax etc are much cheaper in HK. That’s why there is a thriving business for people smuggling goods INTO China from HK. Just wait around the border crossings for 15 minutes and you will see this for yourself – all day long.

  32. Hi, I am visiting Shen zhen in June 2013. I would like to get LED lights, lightings, bulb and parts that is used for renovation works. Would appreciate that you can provide me information on where to get these stuff? Prefer wholesale. Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

  33. hi there i will be coming soon to ShenZhen i will like to have some one that speaks either English or French so as to nigociate price for cellular phone and to quide me i know nothing about these market a guide will be very helpfull thank you
    my contact is

  34. dear rod ,
    i`m going to shenzhen next week and i want to import micro sd card , can you help me and tell me where i can get the best price , and these places can get CIQ certificate and certificate of origin coz these papers is very important to shipment the product to egypt
    wait for your reply

  35. Hi Rod, I visited the SEG building in Shenzhen. it was a real eye opener. I visited a stall on the 10th floor selling Smart watches, data projectors, “go-pro type” cameras and all sort of gadgets. I took their business card, all i can remember was that it was light blue in color. I unfortunately lost the card before i could send them an email. Do you have excess to the shop list and would you be able to point me in a direction to help me?

    kind regards,

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