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Dim Sum Breakfast at Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen

Kempinski is a European luxury hotel chain and they have a hotel in Nanshan District of Shenzhen, and it’s one of the citys leading 5 star hotels. I haven’t had the pleasure of staying except to say that its in a great spot close to the new Coastal City Shopping Center which features a mix of retail shops, luxury brand retail shopping and many restaurants.

Susan and I went to the Kempinski for its very popular Dim Sum breakfast. DimSum is often referred to as Yum Cha and its a style of cooking that was founded right here in the Guandong Province, I really enjoy this stuff so I couldn’t be in a better place!

To explain Dim Sum its a large menu of small portions of food, it is usually steamed and many of the dishes are served in a bamboo steamer basket. There are usually two or three portions per dish. It’s like eating a range of super tasty, semi-healthy appetizers for a meal.

Traditional the dishes are eaten together with tea, so theres a pot of fresh tea automatically placed at the table as soon as you sit.

 The restaurant at the Kempinski is huge, I guess seating at least 500 people on the lower level and on the next level there’s private dining suites as well. It also has a massive video screen and full size palm trees throughout!

Some Dim Sum restaurants wheel trolleys of dishes around and you simply choose what you like, at other places it’s cooked fresh when you order. At the Kempinski you get a card and walk over to the open kitchen area where there is a huge selection of freshly made dishes on display, simply choose what looks good and they stamp your card and the chef cooks it up. Within minutes the dishes start appearing at your table!



Whats even better is the bargain basement cost, with all the dishes together costing around 80RMB ($12aud), which left the both of us very full! Yes, thats more chicken feet to left side of the picture above…

Kempinski Hotel Address in Chinese

Kempinski Hotel Location Map

Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China