Humen Town of Dongguan China

Humen Town of Dongguan China

So whats so special about Humen? Well, for one it’s probably where the shirt your wearing is made and it’s also where some of the major battles of the Opium Wars were fought. 

The town of Humen is part of the larger city Dongguan which is located about half way between Shenzhen and Guangzhuo. It’s also located right beside the all important Zhujiang River which joins to the Pearl River inland and heads out to sea past Shenzhen.  The river forms a major shipping route and Humen has a large port making it an important gateway to Southern China. 

a cargo ship heading up the Zhujiang River towards the port

Manufacturers took advantage of it’s great location for shipping goods and set up factories in thousands, pumping out all types of clothing. Along with the factories the town is also famed for being a discount clothes shopping mecca with there being building after building packed with stalls selling clothes, fashion accessories, leather goods and more. It doesn’t stop inside the buildings either, it spreads out into the streets for block after block. 

shops, shops and more shops
A panorama of the town.. Click image for larger view

Albeit a small city in China being a hub of business activity there is a few decent hotels, check out the Grand Noble and a map of hotels in Humen.

More about the markets in Humen and the Opium War in posts to follow…