Shenzhen Minsk World – The Ex-Russian Aircraft Carrier

UPDATE: The Minsk has now closed and is in process of relocating to Nantong, Jiangsu. So where do you go when you want to explore a second generation Soviet aircraft carrier? Shenzhen China of course.

This floating behemoth was purchased from the Soviets by Korea just after the cold war ended, and was then purchased by a businessman in the late 90’s to create an ‘aircraft carrier theme park’ here in Shenzhen.

It’s not cheap to explore, at least by comparison to the major theme parks in the Shenzhen area like OCT East, Happy Valley, Window of the World etc etc but if you’re into this sort of thing then it’s probably worth the visit. The real unfortunate part of the them park is the fact that it’s looks a little neglected, and there is some reports going around that the park is facing some financial difficulties and at the time of writing the park is going up for sale.

Also at the park is various other ex-military gear including howitzers, old choppers and even some old mig jets. Inside the hull of the ship is a stage where there’s a show later in the evening along with a simulator and a few more jets.

Minsk location map. Address: 1019 Haijing 2nd Road, Yah Tian (or is is it Yantian?), Shenzhen

1019号 Haijing 2nd Rd
Yah Tian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China