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What can you get for $4 at a Bakery in Shenzhen, China?

Lots of tasty things, thats what! Theres a little bakery at the bottom of the Maple Leaf Nanshan hotel which I often visit to grab some lunch, the staff are friendly and the food is tasty. Even better is how amazingly cheap it is!

All this cost about 28RMB (or yuan, if you like) which is about $4.80 Australian or $4US.

So for four bucks, that’s one small milk, one lemon juice, 2 hot dog rolls with cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise, 2 pork rolls with tomato and cucumber and one pizza slice. In Australia¬†I know that you could get one of the drinks at least!

4 Comments on “What can you get for $4 at a Bakery in Shenzhen, China?

  1. Wow! Lot of tasty things! But on the other hand, the level of income is different between Chinese and Australia. Most of them hesitate to spend so much money (for them, it should be called “much money”) on one meal. So you can see, in fact, the consumption level is not high in China, welcome friends all over the world to China!!!

    1. Vito you are very right. It’s funny you mention consumption, I get the feeling the government is keen to see domestic consumption rise, there seems to be lots of talk about raising the living standards for workers in China. Sounds like good news for many…

  2. And this is your lunch!!!!!
    Good to see your watching the weight!!!
    What’s for dinner??

    1. haha, wait till I write about the buffet at the Westin resort (its a US company, so you can imagine the size of the buffet…..)

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