Shenzhen OCT East – It’s Theme Parks, Resorts, Villages and more

 The Shenzen OCT East is is a combination of two large theme parks, resort hotels, three small scenic towns, golf courses and more covering an area of 9 square kilometers. It’s huge. I guess you could call it destination tourism, a man-made one-stop holiday wonderland.

Packed into one big location are adventure, excitement, wonder, thrills and eye-opening sights matched together with comfort and relaxation.

OCT East is located a little out of the way, about 40 minutes or so from central Shenzhen by bus or taxi. It’s another tourist attraction where its best to arrive early and beat the long entry lines due to volumes people arriving by tour buses! Admission is 150RMB and then you can choose which, or all, of the sections you’d like to see. We chose the ‘Knight Valley’. The other sections include Tea Stream Valley and Huaxling Temple.

Looking down onto the main entry

First stop was to sit down for a show and watch a ‘good guys vs bad guys’ show including an exploding ship, stunts, jet skis doing tricks and an exploding mountain that bellows out a flood. It’s also fun to watch the people in the lower seats getting wet.

The Roaring Floods show..

Up the mountain and into the cable car to the top of Knight Valley. We are welcomed to the top of the mountain by a thick misty haze come clouds.

cable car up the mountain

At the top of the mountain is long walk bridge providing a view of the valley below and joining the peaks of the mountain which also leads too two big rotary arms which have seats at either end. If you don’t like what you had for breakfast you can strap into this seat and the arm does 360 spins! Just past the ride is a glassed floor viewing platform which extends out from the mountain.

Further along is disc thing with 360-degree seating which lists up another 100 meters into the clouds!

Looking along the face of the mountain and its two rides and viewing deck.
looking down on to the park entry, if you’ve got good eyes you can maybe make out Da Mei Sha beach in the photo too.

Further along is a themed courtyard which features souvenir stands, snack stalls, and a restaurant. Were both hungry, so it’s into the restaurant we go! You can choose from a set menu or a buffet, both reasonably priced, we chose the buffet.

Its a Chinese buffet featuring all sorts of things I couldn’t imagine I’d ever want to eat, and this was also my first introduction to chicken feet. Yes, literally, the foot of a chicken. It’s a popular dish which many consider a delicacy, and it turns out it’s not so bad. After a little coaching with the many different dishes, it turned out to be an extremely enjoyable feast!

themed courtyard at the top of the mountain

After a big lunch, a stroll it’s time to go back down the mountain in the trolley car which turns out to be a fun ride with a view.

Knight Valley also includes a themed village, Seafield Village. Featuring timber buildings, paved pathways, bronze sculptures, fountains and even a small lake with a sandy beach. Even though it’s all artificial, they have managed to create a rustic feel based on an old American wine-growing town. At the village are a brewery, food court, small waterfall and plenty of open space and greenery. There’s even a Starbucks.

The start of Seafield Village. You can just make out the rides at the top of the mountain.. One of the sculptures at Seafield Village…

After that, it was off to the games area for a quick game of skirmish in an abandoned warehouse theme room and then a quick look at the waterfall before heading off to the Aqua Theatre.

The night show at the theatre finishes offs a full day. It’s no extra to watch the show so I didn’t expect much but we were soon amazed to see that it was a huge open-air theatre and a lengthy stage production featuring amazing costumes and props, dance, acrobatic stunts, aerial acrobatics and an interesting inclusion of motorbike stunts and jet skis doing tricks on the lake area that’s between the stage and the massive video screen.

Aqua Theatre

After the show its off to find a bus or taxi, no taxis so we hopped on a bus back to Nanshan District.

In a whole day, we only managed to see only part of what ONE section of this massive destination offered. It’s a really huge place and it’s incredible value at a total of 160RMB ($25AUD) per person. Food and drinks inside are also reasonably priced.

Many of the staff spoke English and signage also had English translations, actually, many of the performing staff are westerners and, like most tourist attractions in China, the place feels very foreigner friendly.

All of this was but one section of the OCT East area there’s also a waterpark, golf course, sports park, a wetland, an ancient tea town, Huaxing Temple and more. There are also several hotels including Parkview  O-city Hotel, Interlaken Express Hostel, Cargo Hostel, the Mahayana Boutique Hotel and the Interlaken Hotel.

All of the hotels are tucked away amongst the valley, so they seem like quite an escape and adding to that each hotel has its own theme making for a unique escape. For example, the Interlaken Hotel features a European luxury theme built surrounding a lake and also features a hot spring spa (man-made).

See the large map which shows hotels, themed cities and theme parks within the area:

Click image for larger version


If all that is not enough, OCT East is located right behind Dameisha Beach and Xiaomeisha Beach, and just a bus ride away from Dapeng Fortress and all the beaches and natural attractions of the Dapeng Penninsula inc. Xichong Beach. It’s a special area.


Official English website for OCT East 

Address: Yantian, Shenzhen Chinese: 大梅沙 邮政编码


OCT East location map, with my top picks for the best nearby hotels

Shenzhen Dameisha Seaview Hotel
Sheraton Dameisha Resort

Sheraton Dameisha Resort

 5 stars - Nestled on the breathtaking Dameisha seashore of Eastern Shenzhen, Sheraton Dameisha Resort is surrounded by Wutong Mountain with picturesque view of the South China.

Cargo Hostel

Cargo Hostel

Located in Shenzhen, 600 metres from Shenzhen Civic Center, Cargo Hostel is an eco-friendly hostel built with containers. It boasts free WiFi throughout the property.
Oasis O.City Hotel Shenzhen

Oasis O.City Hotel Shenzhen

Oasis O.City Hotel Shenzhen is 35 km from downtown Dongmen Pedestrian Street and the Shenzhen Railway Station.
Parkview Hotel Shenzhen

Parkview Hotel Shenzhen

Located in the Shenzhen East Overseas Chinese Town District, Parkview O.City Hotel Shenzhen (Shenzhen Yintelagen Fangche Jiudian) is a unique vehicle-themed hotel.
The Interlaken OCT Hotel

The Interlaken OCT Hotel

Built like a Swiss village, The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen (Town House) is an eco-friendly yet luxurious property with pampering spa treatments.
Otique Aqua Hotel

Otique Aqua Hotel

 4-star hotel

This water-themed hotel in Shenzhen's Yantian District greets has an impressive lobby with an artificial waterfall and giant fish aquarium.
8, Yanmei Road, Dameisha, Yantian District Shenzhen
  Rating: | Consumer Rating:
  Av. Low Rate: 330.0000 CNY
  More Info & Latest Rates
Shenzhen Dameisha Kingkey Palace Hotel

Shenzhen Dameisha Kingkey Palace Hotel

5 stars

Boasting a private beach area, 2 swimming pools, a spa and wellness centre and gourmet cuisine across 3 stylish restaurants, Kingkey Palace Hotel Shenzhen is located 500 metres from Dameisha Seashore..


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  1. I need more information for the fountain show so please send me more detail information such as what time open the show and how long.


  2. Replies to Nori.

    I visited OCT only last week. The theme park opens at 9.30am and closes at 6 pm.

  3. how to go OCT,Shenzhen from Days Inn Hotel @ No.57 Yongxin Street, Jiefang Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen 518001, China ? TQ

    1. IF, you want to see ALL of the park I dont think that one day is enough. BUT, after one day some people have SEEN enough.. I have been there for a full day, and only explored the main section, Knight Valley Eco Park. One the second visit explored another section, Interlaken Hotel and Spa. Still haven’t been to the Tea Valley and Buddhist Temple…. It’s quite big…

  4. The Tea Valley may need at least one and a half day if you really map out the route. Cos in the Tea Valley, you have 2 routes to choose. One is the main pathway (1 day)and the other will be into the forested area and move up all the way to a small horse ranch for horse riding. There are 2 hanging bridge which you could try it out, but only one is along the main pathway. When i went in 2011, there is a wonderful show call 天禅 at the Tea Valley as there is a theatre there for big scale indoor performance.

  5. OCT is absolutely AWESOME!!! I have been there twice and will definately visit again. So much to see and do and everything is perfectly run.

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