No Trip to Tibet

One of the main reasons for cvoming to this region is to go to Tibet, in particular Lhasa. Where I’m currently staying, at the Traffic Hotel Chengdu, has a couple of tour agencies located within it’s walls, there is one right out the front of the building and also one inside next to the reception. read more

6 Things to do when entering China for the first time

6 Things to do when entering China for the first time

Here are six painfully boring things you could do before traveling overseas for the first time

  1. Check the weather and local temperature prior to leaving and take appropriate clothing. Six degrees Celsius is really chilly in a t-shirt and shorts.
  2. Check where the airport is, and what the best way might be to get from the airport to the accommodation you booked.
  3. Actually book some accommodation, particularly so if you’ll be arriving at 11 pm into a country you’ve never been, nor speak the language.
  4. Have some sort of map, anything
  5. Have some local currency, or at least check that your ATM card will work there.
  6. Don’t forget to buy that phrase book before you leave, it will be handy when you land late at night and there’s a limited staff on shift and none that speak English, particularly when you have no accommodation booked, no money, and no idea.

It was 2010, I had just arrived at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in southwestern China. read more