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Emei Shan – An intro to Mount Emei, Sichuan China

Mt. Emei or Emei Shan (Shan meaning mountain) is located in Leshan City of Sichuan Province. It’s one of China’s Sacred Mountains featuring Buddhist temples and amazing scenery. In 1996 it was given World Heritage status by UNESCO.

Standing at over 3000 meters the mountain features four scenic regions being: Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion and Golden Summit. Golden Summit lies at the mountain’s peak.

Being my first visit to the mountain I went with a tour group, unfortunately, it was a really rushed tour. This is easily a place you could spend some time soaking up the natural wonders and the amazing temples. And a place I hope to visit again and spend more time.

Useful Info

Ticket Price and Opening Hours

Items: High Season (Jan.15 – Dec.14) Low Season (Dec.15 – Jan.14)
Entrance Fee: CNY 185 CNY 110
Baoguo Temple: CNY 8
Fuhu Temple: CNY 10
Wannian Temple: CNY 10
Opening Hours: 6:00 – 18:30 7:00 – 17:50


Transport Update

There is now a fast train from Chengdu which also passes through Leshan and terminates at Mt Emei (Emeishan Station).

Take a train from Chengdu East Railway Station or Chengdu South Railway Station to Emeishan Station, and then change to bus 5A or 8. There are around 8 trains daily and it takes around 60 min to 75 min.


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Detailed Emei Shan Tourist Map at chinatouristmaps.com – very useful map to quickly get your bearings of the location of temples and sight-seeing spots on the mountain.


Mt.Emei Map with nearby hotels/accommodation

Leshan, Sichuan, China

Emeishan, Leshan, China


Tourist Map for the mountain