The Tibet Hotel Chengdu

The Tibet Hotel Chengdu

When I came to Chengdu it really was a blessing to find this place. Let alone being my first time in Chengdu, it was my first time in China too. So I was really keen to find somewhere safe, friendly and hopefully with someone who speaks English to help this dumb foreigner!

When I made it there and walked up towards the door for the first time the concierge lept forward from inside swinging the doors open and greeting me with a big ‘hello, sir’, which was kinda comforting, as I walked through the door I thought, wow, this place is pretty neat. The lobby floor looks like polished marble, the timber work is exquisite and there is a massive piece of what looks like hand-sewn artwork behind the reception desk.

As I am walking to the reception desk looking at the four female staff, all immaculately dressed in airline stewardess standard outfits, I wondered, was this really $49 a night? I had to adjust to the different rates and the value that can be found.

I’m greeted by another welcoming ‘hello’ by not one, but two of the reception staff who as it turns out to have almost conversational English skills, and I explained that I had checked the place out via HotelClub and that maybe my booking hadn’t come through as I was having some Internet issues but your offering a room for $49 US right?

After some discussion between the staff, some work on the calculator and then some more discussion they came back and matched the price. I paid a deposit and was shown up to the room.

The room is not huge but its designed for 1 person featuring only a single bed, a relaxing chair, desk, TV and small fridge. The bathroom is a good size with shower and basin. The hotel must be relatively new, at least everything so far seems in as new condition and it’s very clean.

The room also has broadband internet included and on the TV I found at least two English speaking stations!

I was pretty worn out at this time so, to bed I went. Oh yeah, the Chinese like their beds to be like a plank of wood with a sheet over the top, after a while it’s actually not so bad…

The next day it was off to breakfast which was included, and it was a full buffet featuring an impressive mix of Chinese dishes and western food. This was served up in their ‘coffee bar’, which strangely doesn’t have coffee on the menu. It also features an amazing piece of art as per the photo below.

The coffee shop serves western food 24hrs a day and the hotel also features four other restaurants, a bar in the lobby and a Tibetan tea house.

Bored, well, the hotel also has a bowling alley, a KTV club/bar (like karaoke), a spa/sauna and beauty salon. Being out and about on the sightseeing trails I didn’t get to fully explore all of these options but I’m thinking you could easily spend several days here and not need to walk outside the front doors!

As you can guess by the name, the hotel has a Tibetan theme and there is also an impressive little art gallery in the hotel featuring various artworks from Tibet.

The concierge speaks some English, actually, one speaks quite good English and is incredibly helpful with arranging taxis, tours or just helping with directions.  

Finding the Tibet Hotel Chengdu

It took me hours to find this hotel, mostly due to my disorganisation (as per earlier posts) but also perhaps due to the English translations of street names. Renmin Road, as it turns out is a major arterial which runs through the city from north to south.

Unlike me, if you book in advance I’m sure they will arrange a car to pick you up at the airport!

For their latest rates and deals see Tibet Hotel Chengdu.

Tibet Hotel Chengdu address in Chinese:  

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for Chengdu accommodation it’s hard to go past the Tibet Hotel,  for me it was a five-star experience with a 2-star price tag. Downside: Its a little north of the center of the city so you’ll be getting a taxi most of the time. Although the excellent Wenshu Temple is within walking distance and it’s not far from Hehuachi Market.

I really loved this place, it was just what I needed, somewhere safe and comfortable where I could get orientated. The added luxury and great price was all a welcome bonus!

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