Flight from Chengdu to Lijiang on Air China

I booked this flight through the airline booking service at the Tibet Hotel Chengdu. I booked it at the last minute so I’m quite sure that I paid through the nose for this flight at 790rmb for an economy seat. I think if you booked with elong or ctrip in advance you could probably get a flight for half that price.

Flights may vary in price depending on the day, for example a flight going to Lijiang on a Monday can be half that of a flight going on a Friday, being a tourist destination that of course makes sense.

But I was pretty new to booking things while in China at this point, so it was comfortable to sit down with someone that spoke english and could get it organised. The travel agent had recently been to Australia, so, if nothing else we had a good chat…

Flight CA4265 leaves Chengdu at 7.40AM and arrives just over an hour later, but it appears the flight number may now be CA4451 which leaves around 9.05PM.

Chengdu Airport

Chengdu Airport isnt that big and it has signs with english translations, plus, if you flash your ticket at an official they’ll soon point you in the right direction. I was flying on Air China not to be confused with China Airlines and there are plenty of check in desks but it will pay to get to the airport early, at least an hour, as the place can get real busy! I was an hour early and only just made it on time to the plane after a long line up at the check in counter and the security screening. 

Flying with Air China

The plane was a modern Airbus A319 and pretty comfortable plus, oddly, the captain spoke in english. The hostesses also spoke english, maybe not conversational but they new english phrases relating to their duties which was appreciated. Half way into the flight they even serve a small snack and the flight is only around an hour long so not long after you’ve finished the snack its time to belt up for descent. The flight was comfortable and pleasant with nothing to complain about.

Lijiang Airport

There isn’t much to it. I did find a coffee shop which had really expensive but tasty coffee! When you walk out the front of the airport there is a line of taxis, but they couldn’t understand the english address for the Sleepy Inn where I had booked to stay. Uh oh. Fortunately a friendly security guard came over and although he couldn’t speak english he was keen to help. I rang the Sleepy Inn, on his phone as mine wouldn’t work, and fortunately Amanda there speaks good english! She spoke to the guard and he then showed me where the airport transfer shuttle was.

The airport shuttle runs from the airport into a central station and it takes about 30 minutes. You can find the buses  just to the left as you walk out the front door of the airport. I think it cost something like 15rmb.

Amanda was kind enough to arrange a pick up from the station to take me on to the Sleepy Inn where I would stay for the next few nights.   

Photo of Lijiang airport

Chengdu – Lijiang Map

Sichuan, China

Yunnan, China