Flight from Lijiang to Chengdu with China Eastern Airlines

Lijiang Airport is pretty simple, after check-in and security check you either walk to the waiting room on the left or right depending on your departure gate number. The waiting rooms have toilets, one shop, and seats although probably not enough.

The flight was delayed for over an hour for some reason which was announced over the speaker in both mandarin and english. Luckily I made some new freinds to help pass the time (see the next post).

There was  a big cheer from all the people waiting when the plane arrived at the terminal and soon after we were all getting on board.

The flight from Lijiang to Chengdu on China Eastern MU5855

Once on board the plane was clean and comfortable, some staff even spoke english and the announcements came in both mandarin and english. The flight is pretty quick, only about one hour or so, but they still serve a small meal on the flight with a choice of tea or coffee.

The flight was smooth and painless, especially with my headphones shoved in my ears. When your tired Chinese seem even more rowdy than normal! They really do love chatting!