The Ten Best Sights and Attractions in Chengdu + Map

The Ten Best Sights and Attractions in Chengdu + Map

Chengdu, unfortunately, doesn’t make it on to many peoples list of places to visit while in China unless they are visiting Tibet or maybe going to see the Giant Buddha. That’s a bit of a shame as it is a really nice city, with friendly people and a somewhat relaxed environment compared to many other major Chinese cities.

Chengdu has plenty to offer including shopping, sightseeing, and wonderful food along with its major drawcard being the Panda bears. It’s a place worth hanging around for at least a few of days, or more if you like.

Here is a brief intro to my three favorite places in Chengdu followed by a list of the top ten attractions with addresses and open times.

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

It’s a must visit, as they really aren’t that many chances in China where you can see so many and get so close. I’ll cover my visit there in a dedicated post Panda bears


Wenshu Monastery

Wenshu Monastery is a famous Buddhist temple and is one of the four major temples of Zen Buddhism. Previously known as Xin Xiang temple it was built during the time of the Sui Dynasty around the years 605-617AD. It features a large pagoda, plenty of walkways and many temples. It’s an active monastery too, with many monks in training. Don’t miss the tunnel that goes underground to another temple with a giant golden Buddha.

Entry cost was 5 yuan. You can wander around this place in an hour or so, but it’s a nice place to sit back and relax, and the friendly monks serving tea in the courtyard are all too happy to have you sit down for even longer, even if you cant understand each other!


The Wuhou Shrine

Built-in 223 AD this shrine covers a vast area including various temples and gardens. The shrine was built in honor of Zhuge Liang who was a military strategist and leader during the Three Kingdoms Period. You may also find yourself spending time here drinking tea with temple minders! It’s also the largest museum in China for artifacts from the Three Kingdom period. Entry was 60 yuan.

The River Viewing Park (or Wangjiangluo Park)

Standing alongside the Brocade River this park covers over 2.5 hectares. The park features many beautiful pavilions and it’s quite popular with photographers and those looking to relax. Next to the park is a large bamboo garden with tea houses providing drinks to hundreds of Chinese just sitting, relaxing and many playing the game Mahjong.


Attractions addresses and details

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (Xiongmao Jidi)
Recommended Visiting Hours: 3 ~ 4 hours
Open Hours: 07:30 ~ 18:00
Tickets: 58 RMB
Address: 1375 Panda Road, Northern Suburb, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R. China

Mount Qingcheng
Recommended Visiting Time: Half day for Front Mountain, Half day for Rear Mountain
Opening Hours: March 2nd ~ November 30th: 8:00 to 17:00 /December 1st ~ March 1st: 8:00 to 18:00
Tickets: Front Qingcheng Mountain: 90 RMB; Rear Qingcheng Mountain: 20 RMB; Ten-Thousand Buddha Cave: 5 RMB; Crystal Cave: 10 RMB
Address: Qingcheng Mountain Town, Chengdu 611844, China

Wenshu Yuan Monastery
Recommended Visiting Hours: 2 hours
Open Hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00
Tickets: 5 RMB
Address: No.66 Wenshuyuan Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu 610017, China

Du Fu Cottage
Recommended Visiting Time: 3 hours
Opening Hours: 8:00—18:30 from May to October, 8:00—18:00 from November to next April.
Tickets: 60 RMB/person
Address: No.37 Qinghua Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu city, Sichuan province

Kuanzhai Ancient Street of Qing Dynasty
Recommended Visiting Time: 2-3 hours
Opening Hours: 24 hours; most shops (bars excluded) close at 22:00-23:00
Tickets: Free
Address: East of Tongren Road, west of Changshun Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu City.

Jinli Pedestrian Street
Recommended Visiting Hours: 2 ~ 3 hours
Open Hours: Some snack stores will close around 22:00, and some drinking bars will open all night
Tickets: Free
Address: No.231 Wuhouci Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu 610041, China

Jinsha Site Museum
Recommended Visiting Time: 2-3 hours
Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00
Tickets: RMB 80
Address: No.2, Jinsha Site Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu.

Qingyang Palace (Green Ram Temple)
Recommended Visiting Time: 1~2 hours
Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00
Tickets: 10 RMB
Address: West Section 2 of the First Ring road, Qingyang District, Chengdu, China

Wuhou Memorial Temple
Recommended Visiting Time: 2~3 hours
Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00
Tickets: 60 RMB
Address: No.231 Wuhou Temple Street, Chengdu city, Sichuan province

Chengdu Renmin Park
Recommended Visiting Time: 1 ~ 2 hours
Opening Hours: All day
Tickets: Free when there are no activities; 12 RMB when there is flower show; 8 RMB for the major festivals.
Address: No.12 Shaocheng Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu 610015, China


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