Shopping in Chengdu

Chengdu of Sichuan Province won’t leave shoppers empty-handed, as the center of Chengdu offers plenty of options, whether you are shopping for brand name clothing, no name clothing, electronics or local products.

The place to start is Chunxi Road which features modern department stores, boutique shops, supermarket and loads of eateries.There is also plenty of western brand eateries to be found including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, KFC along with western brand name fashions like Gucci, Lacoste, Polo etc. Surrounding Chunxi Road there must be four blocks or more of modern department style stores!

A little way north of the town center is He Hua Chi Wholesale Market (pictured below) where you be blown away by shop after shop after shop selling clothing and textiles.

Inside the He Hua Chi Wholesale Market (pictured below) you can find many floors and with hallways featuring shop after shop selling shirts, jackets, suits, for both men and women. 

Outside the He Hua Chi Wholesale Market (pictured below) can be chaotic but well worth a wander, and you can wander for miles! There are even more markets and stalls all over the place and in the streets surrounding, selling shoes, shirts, fashion accessories, bags and the like.  Note to fully discover this place could take days, it goes on for block after block..!

Computer City Chengdu – Shu Ma Guang Chang is located on Renmin Nanlu & the South 1st Ring Road, and here you can find the Shu Ma department store which has 6 floors of electronics! Each floor has a theme, so one floor is cameras, one floor is laptops etc etc. Interestingly the top floor has used and recycled IT goods.

Pictured below is inside one of the massive department stores selling electronics, with so many people in the one place selling the same item you’ll find prices to be competitive, but there’s still room for haggling! And you don’t have far to go to compare prices and deals!

Cell Phone Street, or mobile phone street if you like, is located on Tidu St where you can find a whole street packed with mobile phone retailers, there’s plenty of people selling off the footpath too. Research your prices and bargain hard, some shops here know a foreigner when they see one!

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Chengdu Shopping Map – Click the icons for details..

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