Chengdu to Xian Flight on China Southern

I really wanted to make this trip via train, but it seemed difficult to book a ticket on short notice, plus the extremely helpfull staff at the Traffic Hotel in Chengdu where pretty keen to suggest the plane was going to be the best option.

So the flight was booked, with the cheapest option at that time being via China Southeast Airlines (China Southern).

Chengdu Airport isn’t huge but it sure gets busy. I booked a private car to take me straight to the airport, it seemed like simple no fuss way to go and it was comparitively cheap. I remember walking into the airport and just being daunted by the sight of so many rows of people, and how many people there was in each row lining up to check-in.

So which line was I supposed to get in? No idea, so I just jumped in one and after waiting in line handed my tickets over and got checked in. Lucky guess.

Then theres the line upo for security checks, lucky I got to the aiport more than an hour before the flight left…

No complaints with the flight, the staff spoke english and were all freindly. The flight takes just over one hour, it almost takes longer to check-in! The flight was smooth and the economy seats are comfortable enough, the flights hardly long enough to get uncomfortable, it seems like that not long after take off your preparing for landing…

I didn’t hang around too long in Xian Airport, I walked out the front, got on a shuttle bus and fortunately, what seemed like 30 minutes later, it pulled up in the city of Xian, right out the front of the Melody Hotel. Fortunate, as I hadn’t booked a hotel at this stage!