Food in China - Sichuan

The Famous Sichuan Hot Pot

After a relaxing massage at Jiafu Fudao, Rebecca took me a great place to enjoy one of Sichuan’s famous dishes, the Hot Pot. While Hot Pots are available in most places across China, apparently the Chengdu Sichuan version is something unique!

Extremely unique for me as I’d never had one before! Recessed into the table you dine at is a large pot, underneath which is a burner. The pot is filled with, ummm, I don’t really know, and for a westerner in China its best not to know…but it’s like a spicy boiling broth.

Tray after tray of unique looking vegetables and meats are brought out which are placed into the boiling broth, and not long after that you dive your chopsticks in and grab out the spicy treats! And it’s spicy, not like an Indian curry that will make you sweat, this actually makes your mouth feel numb!


I recognised some of the vegetables that went into the hot pot but not much else! There were some long stem mushrooms, shallots plus more and the real treats were cows stomach and some other animals offals! It’s a must try dinner if you are in Chengdu, I loved it!

Thank you, Rebecca!