When in Chengdu try a Jiafu Fudao Massage

When in Chengdu try a Jiafu Fudao Massage

Fortunately for me a had a friend in Chengdu, Rebecca,  who just happened to be a manager at the Chengdu branch of Jiafu Fudao. Whats Jiafu Fudao? A very classy place for starters!

It’s a spa retreat, my guess catering for executive market, offering a vast array of massage and therapeutic services. Many of the services are unique to Jiafu Fudao and are based in traditional age-old Chinese therapies.

I was lucky to sample over an hour of these specialised ancient Chinese therapies from one of the places leading technicians. This wasn’tany ‘lay on the table and get slapped around’ type deal, it was a unique combination of massage, a working of pressure points, aromatic therapy and an amazing foot massage. Unfortunately I didn’t grab the english translation for the names of these unique procedures, but Im assured you can only experience them here! 

I have never experienced a massage technician that has such an extraordinary knowledge of the body’s pressure points and also the amazing ability to tell me my life story, and my current ailements from the soul of my feet!

The building is quite large with many private rooms catering for individuals and for large groups (pictured above), it’s quite luxuriously furnished, also featuring a bar and there’s a chef on had that can prepare some unique and interesting asian treats.

Long after being in Chengdu and travelling much of China I am still yet experience a massage as unique, nor someone with the depth of knowledge of the human body that the wonderful technician had…

If you’re in Chengdu, be sure to check it out! Many staff there also speak english. 

2 thoughts on “When in Chengdu try a Jiafu Fudao Massage

  • December 30, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Posting the price or price range would make this post useful. Address or relative location might also be helpful. ;(

  • April 4, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    My husband and I was in Chengdu last Nov. Our friend let us use their apartment there which is walking distance to Jiafu Fudao Massage. He recommended us to try it out. my husband and I loved it. We visit the massage every night after touring scenic places.
    The massage is really good, and the price is unbelievably cheap. We both love massage to help with our sore muscles. the price in Chengdu for 2 hours is about a thrid of the price we pay in U.S. for one hour massage. the environment is very high end and clean. The shower facility is modern and clean. They also offer free dumplings, noodle or wonton soup after massage in the downstair sitting area. we were there 4 days, and had massage 4 days in a row. We loved it, it was a great treat. After leaving Chengdu, we flew to HongKong. My son took us to famous Shenzhen massage for Hong Kong visitors.. But the price is so much higher, and it was not as clean and classy as Jiafu Fudao Massage.

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