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The Presidential Palace Nanjing

The Presidential Palace could be thought of as Nanjings version of the Forbidden City in Beijing with it once being home to emperors and political leaders. The palace was also the base for Dr Sat Yun Sen when he led the Kuomintang party to power in China. It was also the KMT’s headquarters from 1927 to 1949 from which it ruled the country until Mao Zhedong and the CCP took over control and declared Beijing as the capital. Read More.....» »

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall

In 1937/38  Nanjing was witness to one of worlds haunting events, being the massacre of some 300000 people at the hands of invading forces. At that time Nanjing was the capital of China and Japanese forces had taken control of the city and during the first six to eight weeks of their occupation had performed indescribable atrocities. Read More.....» »

Nanjing Museum

The Nanjing Museum is quite famous having had many exhibitions abroad and well known for holding some quite rare and valuable pieces of Chinas history, so, better take a look. Read More.....» »

Confucius Temple Nanjing (Fuzimiao Scenic Area)

A shopping market packed inside the historic buildings surrounding the Confucius Temple makes for a popular place to visit in Nanjing, be it night or day. Read More.....» »

Zhonghuamen Gate Nanjing

Like many of Chinas ancient cities Nanjing was once a walled city. The walled city featured sever gates but the south gate is quite special for a number of reasons. One visible reason is that it looks more like a castle than a gate. Read More.....» »

Welcome to Nanjing [+ hotel and attraction map]

Nanjing is located in Jinagsu province of which it is the capital. It’s a beautiful city, it’s modern and has a progressive feel. It has a long history dating back as far to 472 BC, and has been the home of many of Chinas emporers thus giving the city a rich treasure trove of cultural relics and historic sites. The city has also been central in the formation of modern China. Read More.....» »

From Shenzhen to Hefei to Fuyang to Maanshan

The Spring Festival travel peak was nearing an end and there was probably some chance of getting a train ticket or flight once again. For this trip it’s off to meet future relatives. Read More.....» »