Confucius Temple Nanjing (Fuzimiao Scenic Area) [Travel Tips & Key Info]

Confucius Temple Nanjing (Fuzimiao Scenic Area) [Travel Tips & Key Info]

A shopping market packed inside the historic buildings surrounding the Confucius Temple, aka Fuzimiao, makes for a popular place to visit in Nanjing, be it night or day.

The entry gate

It was night when we first strolled into the area and after passing the traditional old Chinese gate and past the Pizza Hut, KFC, and various clothes shops that have wiggled there way into the old buildings we were met with a river alit with color.

The Qin Huai river

Cobblestone streets run alongside the Qin Huai river and old stone bridges run across which made a perfect place to enjoy the colorful display of lights on show and the performance taking place on the boat. Not sure if it happens every night but it was on this particular Sunday night. You’ll also notice a long screen wall featuring dragons along the bank of the river near Wende Bridge (文德桥).

It’s a great place for a casual stroll, light shopping and there’s plenty of options for lunch or dinner including western or Chinese style. You can find lots of curios, trinkets, and clothes here but perhaps more appealing to local visitors.

the market area

We went back the next day to take in the temple itself, which is not large, but quite interesting.

The murals inside the Confucius temple


A statue of Confucius himself stands tall at the temple entry

The Jiangnan Examination School is a museum of the imperial examinations that took place in China’s ancient days. The exams held here would determine who would enter the ranks of government.

Whilst it’s free to wander around the market area and the river, there is a charge for entering the Confucius Temple itself albeit not too expensive. There is also a large modern mall, Nanjing Aqua City, nearby on Jiankang Rd.

Admission: the pedestrian area is free, but at the temple itself (夫子庙 – Dacheng Hall) it will cost 30 RMB and 25 RMB for Jiangnan Examination School (南京科举博物馆).

Address: 秦虹路1号 Confucius Temple Scenic Area Pedestrian Street, Qinhuai, Nanjing

Chinese Name: 南京夫子庙-秦淮风光

Hours:  08:00-21:00 for the paid attractions, shops will open later

Getting There: Subway Line 3 to Confucian Temple Station (夫子庙)

Map featuring hotels near the Confucius Temple

Center map
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Hotels nearby: My personal picks would be JI Hotel or the Holiday Inn Nanjing Aqua City.

Nearby Fuzimiao: A little further along Jiankang Road, you’ll find Aqua City (南京水游城) which is a modern mall offering lots of shops, eateries, and cafes. There is a Zara, H & M store, Starbucks, and cinema here. Not far, perhaps by taxi, from the temple area, you’ll find Egret Island Park (白鹭洲公园) and Bailuzhou Park which is quite nice, and further down the road is Zhonghua East Gate (中华东门).

Confucius Temple map

this useful map scanned by provides a guide to the temple itself and some historical insight. Click image for larger version.