Zhonghuamen Gate Nanjing [Key Visitor Info + Map]

Zhonghuamen Gate Nanjing [Key Visitor Info + Map]

Like many of Chinas ancient cities Nanjing was once a walled city. The walled city featured sever gates but the south gate is quite special for a number of reasons. One visible reason is that it looks more like a castle than a gate.


It took over 20 years to build beginning in 1366 and features an entry with four arched doorways, three internal courtyards, storage tunnels and wide ramps either side of the courtyards leading to the top of the wall.

It remains standing today some say due to the high importance placed on quality of construction, if you look closely at the walls bricks you can still see the individual markings on the bricks identifying the bricks maker.


There is a great hotel option nearby, Nanjing Loquats Garden Hotel which consistently gets great reviews. and has an old-world feel to it almost matching the feel of the gate itself.

Admission: 50 RMB

Address: Zhonghua Gate Castle, Qinhuai District, Nanjing – Located at the river end of Zhong Hua Lu.

Chinese name: 中华门

Getting There: take metro Line 1 to Zhonghua Gate Station (中华门) and you can walk for 15 min, or take a short taxi ride for about 11 RMB. Or, catch a bus to 中华门城堡 station (which is right at the gate) via any of these buses 2路;16路;49路;63路;202路;302路;701路;d18路;g5路;y14路夜间;y20路夜间;y2路夜间.

Open hours: 8:30 am to 8:00 pm


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Nearby: Da Bao’en Temple (大报恩寺) featuring the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing is well worth strolling over the river for.

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