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From Shenzhen to Hefei to Fuyang to Maanshan

The Spring Festival travel peak was nearing an end and there was probably some chance of getting a train ticket or flight once again. For this trip it’s off to meet future relatives.

So how to get from Shenzhen to Fuyang? Theres the train, bus or plane. It’s almost 24hrs travel on a train so I’m guessing a bus is similar. Fuyang has an airport and so does the nearby Hefei, capital of Anhui Province. The train would be a great way to see some more countryside but train tickets are too hard to get.

Flying from Guangzhou to Hefei on Hainan Airlines was on sale for 270RMB (40AUD) for the 2 hour flight and this also gives me a chance to see more of inner China.

Hefei Airport is fairly simple, straight out the front door, turn right and around the corner is taxis, and across the road from the taxi stand is a small sign for the number 11 bus which heads across town to the train station.

Turns out there’s still plenty of people trying to get back to the cities where they work after heading home for the Spring Festival, so no chance of a train, luckily, diagonally across from the train station is the intercity bus station and within minutes were on a bus to Fuyang.

It’s a 3 hour ride, but soon enough I’m introduced to another side of China I haven’t seen, and so it seems Fuyang locals are introduced to something many haven’t seen, a foreigner.

Fuyang isn’t a huge city by Chinese standards, and looks like it wasn’t blessed with enough historical relics to put it on the tourist map so it depends mostly on local industry with the major one being agriculture.

See: Photos of Fuyang, Anhui, China

It’s a very dry place, apparently at the time we where there it hadn’t rained in over 100 days which explained the dry dust that seemed to permeate everything.

While in Fuyang we stayed at the Guomao Hotel, which is a little old and tired but in a great location. There’s isn’t a lot of Hotels in Fuyang and this one seemed to be the pick of bunch.

The hotel serves a great Chinese/Western buffet breakfast and it’s also a top restaurant as we found out later when Susans classmate, friends and family shouted us what was nothing short of feast including a mix of local specialities and traditional Chinese specialities. It really was something, in a private room for the 8 of us, I was so fortunate to experience dishes that could never be found in any foreign Chinese restaurant.

So after a little more of a look around Fuyang and after Susan finalises some home town business it’s off to Maanshan, but how when there’s 500 hundred people waiting to do the same thing? It seems this Spring Festival travel surge goes for some time. Lucky for us Susans friends have some great friends and gave us a fast track onto the bus.

Three hours later and we are in Hefei again and then on bus to Maanshan in Jiangsu Province. It’s time to meet the future in-laws.

Guangdong, China

Guangdong, China

Anhui, China

Anhui, China

Anhui, China

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