Shenzhen gets a new luxury brand shopping center: KK Mall

The city of Shenzhen is already well known for it’s shopping options and it’s big modern malls but there’s now a new one on that list, the KK Mall.

KK Mall is part of a large development which includes residential apartments and a financial offices tower which when completed will become Shenzhens tallest building standing at a whopping 441.8 meters. The tower will also feature a five star hotel (of the St Regis chain). The shopping mall section opened to the public on the 26-11, so I went along for a look.

The opening ceremonies included some famous Chinese artists, including performances by a male and a female singer along with some cool tricks by a magician, and, after the obligatory ribbon cutting it was stacks on to get through the door!

See here for more photos of KK Mall opening »

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The mall is a reasonable size, with a basement plus four floors giving a floor space of 83,500 sqm. The mall’s theme is an ‘international boutique fashion mall’  featuring over 150 fashion stores including well known western brand names such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Anteprima, Cerruti and many more, so, it’s definitely aimed at the upper end of the retail market. This really says a lot about the economic rise of Shenzhen, as there’s another massive luxury shopping mall (MixC) only a block away.

For the opening while I’m not sure which band, but they puzzlingly belted out english pop songs to keen audience…

The place is packed with dining options too, some very upmarket (photo below), but there is McDonalds, 85c (Taiwan version of a cross between starbucks and a bakery), Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Burger King, Panda Rosa (Italian ice-cream), Food Republic (Asian brand food court with many options), RBT (casual mid-price dining).

The mall also features a BLT supermarket, Shenzhens first IMAX theatre, a health spa and an amusement center (video games etc).

And if you’re looking for a new Mercedes SLS Gullwing, there was one of those on display too.. Read more about

Address: 5016, Shennan East Road, Luohu, Shenzhen.

To get there take the subway to Grand Theatre station (sometimes called Daju Yuan) and take exit B which goes straight to the mall. On foot, the mall basically takes up the block between Hongbao Road and Shennan East Road.

Map with hotels near KK Mall Shenzhen

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