The Shenzhen China Hi Tech Fair – More than just Robotic Dolphins

The city of Shenzhen near Hong Kong is starting to become very well known for it’s hi-tech industry base which has been a big part of the city’s success so appropriately it’s also home to the China Hi-Tech Fair which is claimed to be the number 1 tech show in China. So, how could I not go for a look!

The show has been held every year since 1999 and attracts both visitors and exhibitors from both locally and overseas. The event is held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center which provides a whopping 105,000 Sqm of floor space for exhibitors filling the 9 separate halls, along with conference and function facilities for the many forums and meetings that are held daily during the event.   

I’m thankfull to get free entry and spent about 6 hours checking out some of the exhibits, I think it would be easy to spend two days here, one to get you’re bearings around the different exhibits and the second one to spend some time with each of the ones that looked interesting. But for me this time it’s just the one day.

There was a strong ‘green’ theme to the show and many electric vehicles on display of all types:

Electric and Hybrid Buses from Ankai
The plug in electric iCar from Dongfeng Motor co
BYD was at the show in force, displaying it's batteries, led's and it's range of electric cars and buses. This is the BYD E6 and the big grey box is the 'fast charge' charging station.
The full electric Jimma by GreenWheel

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There seemed to be loads of smart pad or tablet PC manufacturers, but the Saycool M10 seems, well, cool, light weight with HDMI out etc etc. but dual also with operating system with android and windows 7 – photo.

Lenovo, Foxconn, Skyworth and numerous other big name Chinese electronics manufacturers all had stands at the show along with many smaller manufacturers and sections dedicated to innovation, new start-ups, low-cost health care and robotics.

Foxconn and Lenovo both had a major presence at the fair

 Some of the health care innovations look interesting like a ‘red light’ bed featuring a pair of sunglasses with lcd screens so you can watch DVDs while soaking up that ‘red light’…

Apparently it's not a tanning machine

How could you have a Hi-Tech Fair without robots! Here’s just some:

This part dalek robot with rambo arms is a home helper bot for the elderly...
Talking guide robots, one looks suspiciously envious of the others human like looks...

There were plenty more robots including various big and small housekeeping robots, service robots and even surgical robotos for health care but I couldn’t help be reminded of the classic line out of an Austin Powers movie “release the sharks with laser beams attached to their heads..” when seeing robotic dolphins…

Apparently they are for water quality monitoring, which is tad boring role for such a unique robot..


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