Going to Shenzhen? Essential Shenzhen is the must have eBook

Going to Shenzhen? Essential Shenzhen is the must have eBook

If you are visiting, day touring or moving to Shenzhen for work or business then this is the must-have guidebook, Essential Shenzhen.

At least I hope it is! Coz, I wrote it. I had a simple aim with this guidebook, which was to give you the fast-track for getting the most out of your time in the city. I spent over four years in Shenzhen and have put all those discoveries into this book.

The eBook is available for download on Amazon Essential Shenzhen.

For example, here’s the index from the book

About Shenzhen China
Visiting and Living in Shenzhen
Getting Connected – Cellphones, WiFi, Internet and VPN
Shenzhen Climate and Seasons Guide
Shenzhen’s Top 20 Must-See Attractions and Shopping Destinations
The Essential Guide to a Day in Luohu
The 9 Key Wholesale and Consumer Market Areas
24 Key Shopping Malls & Plazas
Restaurants, Cafes and the Top 4 Buffets
Bars & Nightlife Hotspots
The Top Health Spa, Massage and Leisure Centers
Shenzhen’s Amazing Theme Parks
Beaches & the Beautiful Dapeng Peninsula
The Top Parks and Gardens in Shenzhen
Where to Buy Imported Foods and Groceries
The Top Movie Cinemas by District
Key Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
Accommodation Tips and Top 5 Hotels
Transport & Intercity Travel
Getting To/From Shenzhen
Getting to/from Hong Kong to Shenzhen
Getting to/from Guangzhou to Shenzhen
Beyond Shenzhen via High-Speed Rail
Hospitals and Health Care
Essential Resources & Websites
Taxi Phrases

As you can see it covers quite a lot. Including the key shopping malls, the must-see sights and attractions, transport in and out of the city, guides to the markets including Huaqiangbei the electronics market area and Luohu Commercial City and much more. Also featured is a piece on beaches and the beautiful Dapeng Peninsula.

It’s something I wish I had when I first moved to SZ, it would have been an incredible time-saver. A key feature is the Taxi Phrases, there are hundreds, for sights, attractions, shopping destinations and more. You won’t get lost with this in your pocket and you’ll most definitely get the most out of your time in Shenzhen.