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My First Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival is a fifteen day celebration where most Chinese people have at least seven days holiday, and within the festival is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. It’s a very special time for Chinese.

For my first year in China, my first Spring Festival began in Shenzhen where I witnessed the effects of the mass migration of workers back to their home cities (see:). Also in Shenzhen I was lucky enough to watch an unimaginable display as every city block was alight with fireworks, with a roof top view, for as far as the eye could see, all that could be seen was a sky filled with color.

My first new year festival ended, just like it started, in a sky a blaze with fireworks but now in the city of Fuyang. Susan and I both so lucky to be treated to a feast of localĀ cuisine andĀ Chinese specialities followed by a front row seat to a kerbside fireworks show.

wait for update with photos and video to come……

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    1. hehe, I forgot to mention that fireworks are legal here, so every man and his dog is busy making their street corner look like Sydney Harbor on NYE. Which also keeps fire trucks and ambulances busy all night… Chinas a five star destination for raw entertainment!

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