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New China and its 400m+ Supertall Skyscrapers

China has been the built the most skyscrapers every year for over a decade now, and last year was no exception with 77 having been built in 36 different cities. 12 were built in Shenzhen alone last year.

The business model is the same for all most all of them being mixed-use residential, luxury hotel, retail, and office. It’s going to be an interesting space to watch as to how successful that will be.

A skyscraper is defined as anything above 200m, and a supertall skyscraper anything above 300m. For this list, I am going to focus on the super-super tall being the 400 meter and above. All of these are either completed, in construction, or have/near to breaking ground. There are so many more that are in proposal stage with 800m and 1000m on the cards!

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Global Financial Center Tower 1 – Shenyang, China (568 meters, estimated completion 2020)


Tianjin CTF Finance Centre – Tianjin, China  (530 meters, estimated completion 2020)


China Zun Tower – Beijing (528 meters, estimated completion 2018)


Skyfame Center Landmark Tower – Nanning (528 meters, estimated completion 2021)


Suzhou Zhongnan Center – Suzhou (729 meters, under construction)


Wuhan Greenland Center –  Wuhan (636 meters, estimated completion 2019)


H700 Shenzhen Tower – Shenzhen (610 meters, in development)


Rose Rock IFC – Tianjin (588 meters, set to be completed this year)


Greenland Centre – Nanjing (459 meters, completed)


Guizhou Culture Plaza Tower – Guiyang (521 meters, completion 2018)


Jinan IFC Landmark Tower – Jinan (518 meters, still in site development)


Evergrande IFC 1 – Hefei (518 meters, completion 2021)


Dalian Greenland Center – Dalian (518 meter, completion 2019)


Dongguan International Trade Center 1 – Dongguan (427 meters, completion 2019)


Suzhou IFS – Suzhou (452 meters, completion 2018)


Shanghai World Financial Center – Shanghai (492 meters, completed)


Canton Tower – Guangzhou (454 meters and 604 meters inc. antenna, completed)


Ping An International Finance Centre – Shenzhen (559 meters, completed)


Kingkey 100 – Shenzhen (441.8 meters, completed)


Guangzhou International Finance Center – Guangzhou (438.6 meters, completed)


Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre (530 meters, completed) 


Jin Mao Tower – Shanghai (420.5 meters, completed)


Goldin Finance 117 – Tianjin (597 meters, completed)


 Shanghai Tower – Shanghai (632 meters, completed)


Oriental Pearl Tower (467.9 m inc antenna spire, completed 1994) 

Technically not a skyscraper but she is such cool ol’ thing that deserves a spot on any list…