Living in China

Public Holiday Dates in China for 2019

Here’s the main holiday dates for China 2019 and the dates to join in on amazing festivals (or hide under the bed and avoid the crowds and transport chaos :))


Date English name Local name Pinyin Remarks
January 1st New Year 元旦 Yuándàn New Years Day
February 5th Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) 春节 Chūnjié Feb. 4 – 10. For many, holidays last up to the Lantern Festival. Biggest event on the Chinese calendar and the most important date for family togetherness.
 April 5 Tomb-Sweeping Day 清明节 Qīngmíng jié April 5 – 7. Combined with weekend to make 3 day holiday. During Qingming, families visit the tombs of their ancestors to clean the grave, pray to their ancestors, and make offerings.
May 1 Labour Day 劳动节 Láodòng jié Adopted from foreign culture to become an official holiday after 1949.
June 7 Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 Duānwǔ jié June 7 – 9. Cultural festival in China with roots back to the ancient Zhou Dynasty. Eating zongzi and racing dragon boats is the go at this time of year.
September 13 Mid-Autumn Day 中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié September 13 – 15. A traditional festival celebrating the harvest during the autumn full moon. During this time of year, everyone goes mad for mooncakes.
October 1 National Day 国庆节 Guóqìng jié October 1 – 7. Founding of PRC on October 1, 1949 it’s often referred to as Golden Week and it’s a superb time of year to to join in on sardine-like crowds at national attractions.