Fuyulou Changdi Inn and Hukeng Village

After a full day tour of the tulou buildings it was back to the Fuyulou Changdi Inn just in time for a tea drinking session with the owner and guests. Here they grow there own tea, and it’s good gear, so good, I made sure to take some home. After an hour of solid tea drinking it was time for dinner, and fortunately they have english menu, and even a French menu too!

Fuyulou Changdi Inn

The food from the in house kitchen is top quality, fresh, tasty and fairly priced. It’s just what I needed after a sleepless night on the train and a long day exploring the tulou buildings throughout the area. Even better, was having the French couple as company for dinner.

With a stomach full of food I headed straight for the room, keen on a shower and to get my head onto a pillow. I had a room on the second floor and actually had a choice of rooms, one with an 800 year old bed, or one with an simple but more modern looking double bed. I went for the double bed. The rooms are simple with a fan, TV and table, but full of character, after all this building was built in the 1800’s. And it’s that fact that makes this such a special place to stay.

Another shot of the Fuyulou

The Fuyulou building is still in the hands of the family that built it all those years ago and it’s well preserved, and now open to the public as a hostel run by its family owners. The place has a uniquely relaxed feel, perhaps due to it’s use of natural products in its construction, it’s design, it’s location alongside a fresh flowing stream, or perhaps from the friendly people who inhabit this special place, maybe all of the above.

The building is conveniently located within the ‘Yongding Hakka Earth Building Folk Cultural Village’ perhaps they need to take a lead from Lijiang and just call it ‘old town’ or something…! The village itself is packed with culture and ancient buildings making it a great place to wander around and explore. 

Stone Bridge

From the Fuyulou I ventured over the old stone bridge to see a small round tulou, and then followed a cobblestone path along the peaceful river to an ancient temple and further down is the Zhencheng Building, perhaps one of the cleanest and best preserved round tulous of the whole area. There’s plenty of other sights to see too, just follow the path which is marked with signposts (in chinese+english) along the way. There’s also a guide map available.

Rusheng Toulu across from the Fuyulou

Fuyulou Changdi Inn  contact details:

Stephen Lin (speaks great english) – http://www.fuyulou.net – fuyulou@163.com

Hukeng  Town – Village Maps:


Longyan, Fujian, China