Hukeng to Xiamen bus

I thought I’d have to travel back to Yongding to get a bus to Xiamen but lucky for me there’s a bus running direct from Hukeng.

Just outside the main gate to ‘Yongding Hakka Earth Building Folk Cultural Village is a bus station, well, it’s a small shop on the corner with a few chairs on the footpath, but it’s where the bus going to Xiamen stops and that’s where I’m off to.

Apparently there’s several buses leaving from here to Xiamen throughout the day and considering I didn’t have any accommodation booked in Xiamen I decided to get on the first bus at 7.30 in the morning.

Stephen from the Fuyulou Changdi gave me a lift down to the bus stop where there’s a few people waiting, sitting on rickety looking cane chairs along what must be the centre of the hustling bustling business district of Hukeng. Ok, in reality there’s semi-sealed road with some fairly empty looking shops and on the other side an ancient round tolou and some rice fields. Stephen helped me buy the ticket which cost too, I cant remember exactly, maybe 50RMB.

The bus is a small modern coach, fortunately I’d say the seats have been used so much that they are actually comfortable and soft, Chinese seem to love their hard seats. Its got air conditioning too, which is a bonus as it’s pretty hot.

The bus winds it’s way around the area making a few stops to pick up extra passengers before hitting the new highway which cuts the trip time down to about 3-4 hours.

There’s some great scenery of the countryside to take in along the way and there’s plenty of places I wish I could have jumped out and gone mad with the camera. I think keen photographers could easily spend a week exploring and taking shots around this area if they were interested in Chinas rural village life.

I had no idea where to get off, I just figured when the bus stopped to go no further, i’d get off. With that comforting thought I went to sleep.

After a long time travelling down the highway the bus started making stops, the bus attendant was calling out the stop names but I had no idea, I’d stick to my original plan and get off at the death.

But I keep forgetting how thoughtful Chinese people are, at the next stop the attendant comes up to me and waves signaling to get off, saying ‘Xiamen, Xiamen’. How did this guy even know I wanted to get off here? Anyway, thanks to him.

It must have been about 11am when I jumped off the bus, grabbed my bag, looked around and wondered, ok, I’m in Xiamen, but where?

Hukeng and Xiamen – Map