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From Yongding Station to Hukeng Village

Yongding is a rural county within Chinas Fujian Province, the city of Yongding itself is small, minute by Chinese terms in that it probably has a population of less than 10,000, but I’m only guessing.  This is the place where I to go on and see the famous tulou buildings. Read More.....» »

The K636 Train – Shenzhen to Yongding

I’d been working away in Shenzhen for a while now so it was time for a journey. But where too? I’d been to nearby Hong Kong, Macao and had a quick look at Guangzhou, so where to next? I wanted to find somewhere not to far away, reasonably simple to get to, and somewhere that had something special going for it. Read More.....» »

My First Ride in an Electric Taxi (Shenzhen, China)

Shenzhen is one of China’s more modern cities and it’s a place where there’s a strong focus on clean energy sources and on reducing pollution. It’s also where one of China’s more well known car makers resides, BYD. So what do you get when a bus company, a car company and some government help come together? Read More.....» »

More Photos of Macau…

Some random photos from around Macau, Taipa, Cotai and Coloane. Read More.....» »

Macau Casinos – Welcome to the new Las Vegas

While Las Vegas goes down the gurgler apparently Macau is becoming the new gambling meca of the world, going by the number of  veteran US casino developers who are spending big bucks here, it may be true. Read More.....» »

The Historic Centre of Macau

The Historic Centre of Macau is probably the number one tourism attraction outside of the casinos and it’s also inscribed on the World Heritage List. Its  a collection of buildings and temples that reflect the history of Macau, in particular it reflects the history of east meeting west, with most of the buildings reflecting the citys Portuguese past. Read More.....» »

Macau Fishermans Wharf

The Fishermans Wharf is a feature packed area having over 70 stores and fun attractions in the one location. For me it was worth a wander just to see recreation of a roman amphitheatre, a volcano and a Portuguese style pedestrian street. Read More.....» »

Cotai and the Cotai Strip Macau

Joining the islands of Taipa and Coloane is Cotai. This little piece of reclaimed land is home to some of Macaus newest and most opulent hotel casino developments. This whole area is a landmark development primarly by the US Las Vegas Sands Corp. who originally planned for seven resort hotels and casinos. Read More.....» »