Macau Fishermans Wharf

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The Fishermans Wharf is a feature packed area having over 70 stores and fun attractions in the one location. For me it was worth a wander just to see recreation of a roman amphitheatre, a volcano and a Portuguese style pedestrian street.

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Click on image for larger panorama

There’s a hotel here on the waterfront and a casino. As I walk around I see many shops that are vacant, some that aren’t open and even the casino is only catering to a hand full of people with many sections closed off.

The pedistrian street at fishermans wharf

Maybe this is slow season, or maybe it was an area that tour groups used to visit, before the newer casino developments took over, like the billion dollar Venetian for example. Maybe these big themed developments have a life cycle? Maybe I was just there at a quite time..

the waterfront at the Enzo Jewellery store

The place has plenty going for it, with a waterfront location, lots of restaurants and plenty of activities for kids including an amusement centre, war game, bumper car rides and more. And the popular Sands casino is right across the road if your not impressed by the Babylon Casino.

Check here for a map of Macau hotels and links to discount rates.

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