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The Big List of TV Channels in China

Whether living in China or just holidaying, you’re probably going to turn a TV on at some time, so, here’s the big list of local Chinese TV channels. In the apartments where I lived the TV was set up through the internet. With a twelve month package, you could choose from different packages with more expensive packages offering extended channels which often include a select range of subtitled English programs. The different packages really depend on the local provider offerings.

If you are an expat, you will come across many people offering IPTV set-top boxes to access international content that’s not widely available by other means. There’s also satellite packages for sale too. You can also buy set-top boxes on Taobao which provide access to large range of  on-demand movies and TV series. If I was setting up in China again for a long stay, that would be the way I’d choose.

Here’s a list of the standard channels you’ll find in available in China. Some hotels may have all of them or just a few. Western 5 star hotels will usually have all of them and a range of western channels.


China Central Television    
Name Simplified Chinese  
CCTV-1 (General Channel) 中国中央电视台综合频道  
CCTV-2 (Finance Channel) 中国中央电视台财经频道  
CCTV-3 (Art Channel) 中国中央电视台综艺频道  
CCTV-4 (International Chinese Channel Asia) 中国中央电视台中文国际频道(亚洲版)  
CCTV-4 (International Chinese Channel Europe) 中国中央电视台中文国际频道(欧洲版)  
CCTV-4 (International Chinese Channel America) 中国中央电视台中文国际频道(美洲版)  
CCTV-5 (Sports Channel) 中国中央电视台体育频道  
CCTV-5+ (Sports Events Channel) 中国中央电视台体育赛事频道  
CCTV-6 (Movie Channel) 中国中央电视台电影频道  
CCTV-7 (Military & Agriculture Channel) 中国中央电视台军事农业频道  
CCTV-8 (Television Series Channel) 中国中央电视台电视剧频道  
CCTV-9 (Chinese Documentary Channel) 中国中央电视台纪录频道(中文版)  
CCTV-9 (English Documentary Channel) 中国中央电视台纪录频道(英语版)  
CCTV-10 (Science & Education Channel) 中国中央电视台科教频道  
CCTV-11 (Chinese Opera Channel) 中国中央电视台戏曲频道  
CCTV-12 (Society & Law Channel) 中国中央电视台社会与法频道  
CCTV-13 (Chinese News Channel) 中国中央电视台新闻频道  
CCTV-14 (Children’s Channel) 中国中央电视台少儿频道  
CCTV-15 (Music Channel) 中国中央电视台音乐频道  
CCTV-NEWS(International English Channel) 中国中央电视台英语新闻频道  
CCTV-Français (International French Channel) 中国中央电视台法语国际频道  
CCTV-Español (International Spanish Channel) 中国中央电视台西班牙语国际频道  
CCTV-العربية (International Arabic Channel) 中国中央电视台阿拉伯语国际频道  
CCTV-русский (International Russian Channel) 中国中央电视台俄语国际频道  
Zhongguo 3D dianshi shiyan pindao (3D Channel) 中国3D电视试验频道  
Nationwide satellite TV network    
Name Simplified Chinese Origin
Agriculture Television 农林卫视 Shannxi
Anhui Television 安徽卫视 Anhui
Bedahuang Television 北大荒农业频道 Heilongjiang
Bingtuan Television 兵团卫视 Xinjiang
Beijing Television 北京卫视 Beijing
Chongqing Television 重庆卫视 Chongqing
Cross-Strait Television 海峡卫视 Fujian
Dragon Television 东方卫视 Shanghai
Gansu Television 甘肃卫视 Gansu
Guangdong Television 广东卫视 Guangdong
Guangxi Television 广西卫视 Guangxi
Guizhou Television 贵州卫视 Guizhou
Hebei Television 河北卫视 Hebei
Heilongjiang Television 黑龙江卫视 Heilongjiang
Henan Television 河南卫视 Henan
Hubei Television 湖北卫视 Hubei
Hunan Television 湖南卫视 Hunan
Jiangsu Television 江苏卫视 Jiangsu
Jiangxi Television 江西卫视 Jiangxi
Jilin Television 吉林卫视 Jilin
Liaoning Television 辽宁卫视 Liaoning
Nei Mongol Television 内蒙古卫视 Inner Mongolia
Ningxia Television 宁夏卫视 Ningxia
Qinghai Television 青海卫视 Qinghai
Sansha Television 三沙卫视 Hainan
Shandong Television 山东卫视 Shangdong
Shannxi Television 陕西卫视 Shannxi
Shanxi Television 山西卫视 Shanxi
Shenzhen Television 深圳卫视 Guangdong
Sichuan Television 四川卫视 Sichuan
Southeast Television 东南卫视 Fujian
Travel Channel 旅游卫视 Hainan
Tianjin Television 天津卫视 Tianjin
Xiamen Television 厦门卫视 Fujian
Xinjiang Television 新疆卫视 Xinjiang
Xizang Television 西藏卫视 Tibet
Yunnan Television 云南卫视 Yunnan
Zhejiang Television 浙江卫视 Zhejiang
Non-Standard Chinese satellite television    
Name Simplified Chinese Language
Kangba Television 康巴卫视 Khams Tibetan
Nei Mongol Television Mongolian 内蒙古蒙语卫视 Mongolian
Television Southern 广东南方卫视 Cantonese
Xinjiang Television Uyghur 新疆卫视(维语) Uyghur
Xinjiang Television Kazakh 新疆卫视(哈语) Kazakh
Xizang Television Tibetan 西藏藏语卫视 Standard Tibetan
China Yanbian Satellite 延边卫视 Chinese Korean/Standard Chinese
Anduo Television 安多卫视 Amdo Tibetan
Children’s channels    
Name Simplified Chinese Origin
Aniworld 金鹰卡通 Hunan
Kaku 卡酷动画 Beijing
Toonmax 炫动卡通 Shanghai
Jiajia 嘉佳卡通 Guangdong
Youman 优漫卡通 Jiangsu
Private Owned channel’s with landed rights    
Name Simplified Chinese Origin
China Entertainment Television 华娱卫视 Hong Kong
Macau Asia Satellite Television 澳亚卫视 Macau
Macau Lotus Television 澳门莲花卫视 Macau
HKSTV 香港卫视 Hong Kong
Phoenix Television InfoNews 凤凰卫视资讯台 Hong Kong
Phoenix Television Movies 凤凰卫视电影台 Hong Kong
Phoenix Television Chinese 凤凰卫视中文台 Hong Kong
Phoenix Television Hong Kong 凤凰卫视香港台 Hong Kong
TVB Jade 无线电视翡翠台 Hong Kong
Xing Kong Television 星空卫视 Hong Kong
Most-viewed channels    
Position Channel Average (million viewers)
1 Hunan TV 4.2026
2 Zhejiang TV 3.0315
3 Jiangsu TV 2.8887
4 Beijing TV 1.7856
5 Dragon TV (Shanghai) 1.6015
6 Tianjin TV 0.949
7 Shangdong TV 0.8272
8 Jiangxi TV 0.6945
9 Anhui TV 0.5847
10 Shenzhen TV (Guangdong) 0.5704