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China’s Top 50 eCommerce Sites

Trade war or not, ecommerce in China is on a continuing boom and it’s hard not to pay attention to the innovation that’s taking place especially in automation of  freight and warehousing, and the massive size of some of the online portals like which has been valued at over $55 billion.

In 2017, e-commerce transactions amounted to 29 trillion yuan, mobile payment transactions amounted to more than 200 trillion yuan, and employed nearly 42.5 million, ranking first in the world. In particular, China’s online retail sales amounted to 7 trillion yuan, accounting for about 50% of the world; among the top 10 global e-commerce companies, Chinese companies occupy four seats according to Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of Commerce via Xinhua)

Taking e-commerce logistics as an example, in 2017, China’s express delivery volume totaled 40.06 billion pieces, of which nearly 70% were driven by e-commerce.

This is not just domestic products either, cross-border online shopping, known as haitao 海淘 or CBEC (cross-border E-commerce) is also hugely popular.

For Chinese consumers who value quality, health, safety and packaging design, imported goods are gradually being recognized. Through online platforms such as Koala Haimao, Tmall International, and Jingdong International, Chinese consumers can buy products from all over the world.

A Nielsen’s online shopper trend research report shows that in 2017, the proportion of consumers doing multinational e-commerce shopping was as high as 67%, compared with 34% in 2015. According to further research by Nielsen, men aged 26-35 and women aged 26-40 have a preference for cross-border shopping. They also reported that these shoppers are highly educated, have a monthly household income of over RMB11,000, while generally working in private enterprises, joint ventures or foreign companies.

The leaders in cross-border sales and their market shares are Tmall Global (27.6%), Kaola (20.5%), JD Worldwide (13.8%), VIP (9.8%), Amazon (9.1%), Xiaohongshu (4.6%), Suning Global (2.5%) and Jumei (2.4%).


China’s top 50 ecommerce sites

CN English Name Website Description
网易考拉 Kaola Cross border goods from Kaola and independent sellers
淘宝 Taobao International goods & cross border sales with independent merchants
天猫 Tmall Domestic goods primarily with independent merchants
京东商城 Jingdong Domestic and cross border goods from JD and independent merchants
阿里巴巴1688 Alibaba1688 Cross border commerce with independent merchants
苏宁易购 Suning National Electrical goods retailer
亚马逊中国 Amazon China Domestic and international goods from JD and independent merchants
国美在线 Gome National Electrical goods retailer
1号店 Yihaodian Online supermarket
唯品会 Vipshop Discounted authentic domestic and international brand name goods
蘑菇街 Mogujie Social commerce fashion app
返利网 Fanli Rebate shopping – aggregating several major online retailers
聚美优品 Jumei Domestic and international lifestyle goods from Jumei and independent merchants
美丽说 Meilishuo Social commerce fashion app focused on women’s fashion
乐蜂网 Lefeng Beauty and cosmetics retailer
慧聪网 Huicong B2B sales from independent merchants
贝贝网 Beibei Baby and maternity goods from Beibei and independent merchants
中粮我买网 Womai b2c health food shopping
好乐买 OkBuy b2c brand name clothes and fashion
酒仙网 Jiuxian b2c wine & spirits
优购网 YouGou b2c footwear
万表网 Wbiao b2c watches
尚品网 Shangpin Brand name fashion
蜜芽宝贝 Mia Baby and maternity goods
洋码头 Yangmatou C2C and M2C focussed on cross-border commerce
顺风优选 Sfbest M2C imported and domestic foods
卷皮 Juanpi Daily needs from Juanpi and independent merchants
名鞋库 Mingxieku B2C brand name shoes
母婴之家 Muyingzhijia B2C maternity, baby and kids products
壹药网 Yiyao B2C pharmaceuticals
一呼百应 YouBoy B2B equipment, machinery and hardware with independent merchants
华强北商城 OKHQB B2C e-commerce platform focussed on electronics from Huaqiangbei (ran by the Shenzhen Gov)
科通芯城 Cogobuy B2C electronics components
本来生活网 Benlai B2C fresh groceries and produce
麦包包 Mbaobao B2C womens bags
药房网 Yaofang B2C pharmaceuticals
走秀网 Zouxiu Cross-border ecommerce focused on luxury and fashion
梦芭莎 Moonbasa B2C domestic fashion
孔夫子旧书网 Kongfuzi B2C bookstore
中国图书网 Books China B2C bookstore
铭万网 Mingwan B2B hardware with independent merchants
上品折扣 Shopin B2C Fashion
每日一淘 Fresh Buddy B2C Fresh produce
YOHO有货 YOHO B2C youth fashion
中国供应商 China Supplier B2B Independent merchants
乐友孕婴童网上商城 Leyou B2C maternity, baby and kids products
沱沱工社 TooToo B2C Organic produce
新蛋网 Newegg B2C Domestic and cross border electronics
易果生鲜 Yiguo B2C Fresh Produce
新居网 Xinju B2C home furniture
小红书 RED Social ecommerce with cross border retail luxury, beauty and fashion products
魅力惠 MEI B2C Luxury goods
跨境通 B2C & M2C Cross border ecommerce official e-commerce platform of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone)
海淘网 Haitao M2C Cross border trade platform


More about Cross Border eCommerce

There is two methods being

Direct mail
main body: overseas e-commerce or ecommerce platform
delivery logistics: overseas transshipment logistics
delivery place: product production
price: by e-commerce or ecommerce platform pricing, with local sales price
settlement method: with international credit card or other Customized settlement method, exchange rate fluctuation
arrival time: delivery time + overseas transportation time + customs clearance time + domestic transportation time
Well-known brands: Amazon’s global direct mail

(China) Bonded Warehouse Delivery
Body: Trading Company
Delivery Logistics: Domestic Logistics
Delivery Location: Bonded Warehouse Location
Price: Final Seller Pricing + Overseas Shipping + Customs
Settlement Method: RMB Settlement
Arrival Time: Bonded Warehouse to Goods Receipt
Well-known brands: Jingdong

An important point is the “CBEC (Cross Border E Commerce) positive list” issued by the Chinese Government which can be found here: [PDF] [CN]

Items on this list can be sold via the bonded warehouses meaning taxes and duties are paid at the time of sale. This allows merchants a lot more freedom with inventory. Importantly, goods on this list are also offered attractive tax and duty rates.

Note, for the consumer, these benefits are limited to single purchase of no greater than 5000RMB and a total yearly transactions of no more than 26,000RMB with items outside this being taxed as normal.

Lots of well known overseas brands have added Chinese friendly sections to their sites or created dedicated portals from where Mainland consumers can purchase such as

With many accepting unionpay and alipay for payment. Although they ship to direct to the Chinese consumer it is the recipient’s obligation to pay any duties with some packages going through unabated and others held at customs in the receivers area for collection and payment of duties.

Note, there are also bonded sales centers such as Hoko Mall in Qianhai District Shenzhen where you can buy imports from Hong Kong and overseas without tax and duty. There are currently 12 bonded zones across China.