China Travel Tips - Food in China

Chinas Top Food Cities

Number 1: Chengdu
I will never forget Chengdu, my first food experience there was the famous spicy hotpot, my mouth and lips were on fire from the red soup of chiller and peppers! In 2010, Chengdu was designated the “Capital of the World’s Gourmet Food” by UNESCO, and renowned for hot pot cooking, spicy bean curd and Kung Pao chicken.


Number 2: Guangzhou
Cantonese cuisine has become one of my favorites, in particular Dian Xin which is such a popular breakfast outing. Also popular is Wonton, noodles and dumplings along with braised meats and just about any animal you could imagine (a part that’s maybe not so interesting to me)


Number 3: Beijing
A city famous for it’s roast duck, Peking Duck. But also its snack foods.


Number 4: Xiamen
A derivative of Fujian cuisine it features light foods that are usually steamed, stewed or fried and include dumplings, soup and noodles.


Number 5: Shanghai
famous for its tangbao, or soup dumplings..


Number 6: Hangzhou
Its all about fresh fish..


Number 7: Nanjing
Dish examples include salted duck, sweet and sour mandarin fish, duck blood vermicelli soup and many more.


Number 8: Xi’an
home to many kinds of flour-based food. Noodles are very popular.


Number 9: Chongqing
Famous for it’s love of Hot Pot, where vegetables and meat are placed into a pot of simmering water right at the customers table. It doesn’t get fresher.


Number 10: Changsha
Chilli, chilli, chilli and more chilli. They love chilli.