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Let’s Eat…… Snacks

Here’s a quick guide to some of the popular local snacks foods you’ll see on your travels around China (excuse the translations, will get to correcting the dish names):

Lijiang: delicacies include spiral dumpling, buckwheat cake, walnut meatball, champion cake, Naxi Bowl Tsai cake, millet meatloaf, spiral cake, pineapple rice pudding, purple meters Baba, fried water dragonfly, Naxi la ribs, fried egg series, jelly, beef omelet, roast breast fan.


Hangzhou Snacks: Cypress, 2 bits, 3 1 onion package butter cake, Wu Dun, 6 prawns and eel West Lake West Lake Lotus root starch, Mei Niang the snow cat ears, Hangzhou Xiao long.

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Chengdu Snacks: egg baking cake, meat burning surface, methyl than buns, smell surface, white home broth powder, King Po buckwheat noodles, cool cake, buckwheat surface, beef June Tun Guo Kui, old Ma copy hand, and cool cake dessert, Xiaoji irrigation soup, and Han bun, excellent juice Liang products Crystal package, three Cannon, lianzi Geng, sugar oil fruit, spicy small potatoes, tea rough maofeng, , Liao remember fat MOM hoof spent, rabbit head.

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Beijing Snacks: AI litters, bean cake, fruit, ginger, sugar volume ears, mush, Sanzi line fork, sugar sugar twist, cereal bar called sachima, focus ring, fire, yellow pea, bean paste pancake …

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Sanya: 1. hold Luo powder; 2. clear fill cool; 3. Hainan powder (pickled powder); 4. Hainan pig rice; 5. coconut ship; 6. pig intestinal powder; 7. Hainan Li home bamboo rice; 8. Riesling cake; 9. Green margin cake; 10. Hainan radish cake; 11. coconut incense stick soft; 12. Rocky dumplings; 13. coconut silk long cake; 14. Brown sugar rice cakes

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Xian: Cool skins, Rouga, steamed Meatball soup, beef, lamb Soup dumplings, Shabu beef tripe, belts, small mirror rice cake and crispy meat, Sao face, flower Granny plum juice, steamed mutton, gourds, persimmon cake, pie, cured beef, selection and cake, toasted bun, spicy lumps of oil, water pots of meat, oil and vigorous …

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Qingdao: spicy fried clam la, spicy fried or soup, Qingdao people most love; II seaweed jelly, authentic local agar multiple processing and into; ③ Spanish mackerel dumplings, fresh incense soft tender; II oil burst conch, fleshy fresh, delicate delicious; ⑤ fried Oyster yellow, nutrition rich taste delicious; ⑥ prawns burn cabbage, first products dish Hou products shrimp; sadly seafood halogen surface, seafood flavor full; ⑧ roast squid, fresh has bite head.

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Yunnan: colorful Yunnan cuisine, not snacks are not in Yunnan, delicious, it has to taste. (1) yn; (2) xuanwei ham bean stew rice; (3) Chenggong cool with peas powder; (4) eel fish noodle; (5) Shiping burn tofu; (6) Dali chicken silk cool noodle; (7) xundian flavor small potatoes; (8) tengchong big rescue; (9) end scholar Street halogen bait silk; (10) old Kunming burn bait block.

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Nanjing: often needs queued to eat to of gourmet”1, and Sichuan restaurant 2, and Wang wonton 3, and Jin Wei chestnut 4, and Han revival of duck 5, and Spice meeting 6, and Green Willow home 7, and can Chung square (Hanzhong road shop) 8, and lianhu cake mission shop 9, and Fong Po cake mission shop 10, and submarine fishing 11, and halal Northwest bridgehead ramen King 12, and Cheng Cheng crisp pancake 13, and yin’s chicken juice soup (mochou Lake shop)

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Chongqing: 1. Xiangshan honey cake, outside crisp in crisp; 2. Ma round, shaped Center empty; 3. nine Park bun, skin thin stuffing full; 4. irons cake, crisp sweet tender; 5. Dan Dan surface, fine sliding soft; 6. chicken silk cold noodle, fresh incense refreshing; 7. Wu copy hand, moist sliding soft; 8. chicken juice potstickers, incense crisp delicate; 9. oil poached, sweet not greasy; 10. chicken silk tofu brain, crisp rice loose crisp

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Xitang: little wonton, couscous, dried vegetable cooked with pork, bean curd, Shepherd’s purse, round, fried snails, fried or duck pot, fermented, eel paste with oil, heights real cakes.

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Wuhan: hot and dry noodles, tofu skin, mixed sauce, sea-land-air spicy hot pot, pot, pot, fat boy prawn, Shao, abnormal taste of Fame, hot and sour powder chicken wings, Zhou Heiya, snapper, tofu in clay pot head, Lions head, couscous, Ramada, Teppanyaki, Burrito, hubu lane tour.

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Changsha: Leek Panda Bullfrog, old aunt, Yao Jie, Yu long lobster Museum, Changsha and original Villa’s grilled fish, silver hero Wang Shanzhuang of the basin and range province, Dong Guashan sausage … … Baba, scraping and tofu, sugar oil jelly, shrimp taste,

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