Power Adapters and Sockets in China

Power Adapters and Sockets in China

If you are an international traveller this is one big pain in the butt, all the different types of sockets used around the world, and then the different voltages. Aggghhh!

Fortunately, with China it’s not too difficult, so let’s take a deeper look.

There are five types of sockets in use, one in Hong Kong/Macau, two in Taiwan, and the other two on mainland China.

Hong Kong Power and Macau Socket and Plug

In HK and Macau they use a UK style plug, completely different to the mainland China. If you land in HK without and adapter they can be a tad expensive from stalls in tourist areas, I found simple ones at Mong Kok computer market for 15HKD that worked a charm.


Mainland China Power Sockets and Plugs

In China most wall sockets look like this, having a three pin plug which is common to Australia and New Zealand. The two vertical pin socket is widely used, and if you buy cheap appliances in China they will mostly come with this plug.


Taiwan Power sockets

Taiwan uses the same standards as US and Canada.

All in One Adapter


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China is 220V, Hong Kong is 220V and Taiwan is 110V. As an Australian, I never had any issues using my own gadgets in China or Hong Kong (with an adapter), but for people from the US it’s a bit different, you’ll possibly need a transformer that steps the voltage down from 220V to 110V.

But, do check your laptop/device charger as it may be capable of handling the higher voltage.