A quick trip to the Magical SanMen Dao

This is a spectacular place, beautiful, peaceful and simple. I was truly fortunate to have an old friend in town who offered me a chance to tag a long with a family trip to this beautiful spot. this trip was to Sanmen Dao (Sanmen Island) which is off the coast of Shenzhen, but I think technically its part of Huizhou.

Actually I’d thought I’d lost all the photos from this trip, but I have managed to find four!


After driving to Dapeng Peninsula from Baoan and then to Dongchong Beach where after arriving late at night we hired some tents and set up camp on the beach for the night. Whats more peaceful than going to sleep listening to the waves roll in?

Next day it was onboard a motorboat and after a 20 minute or so smooth journey we were at the island. The island itself is not so big and you can just wander around by foot everywhere. There’s a new resort under construction at the time of writing which looks nice.





We set up camp on what I describe as half moon bay, I don’t know what it’s real name is but it’s so beautiful. The water is calm and it’s great for a swim.

For eating, we packed up meat, vegies and snacks from the supermarket in Shenzhen and had ourselves a BBQ. The night was just spectacular, with a full moon setting below the peak of the headland.

There is a restaurant on the island, well rephrase that, there’s a shop with some tables where you can order food 🙂 I didnt get a chance to try but there were plenty of people that ate there. There’s also several restauarnts at Dongchong along with convience stores, shops selling hats and swimming gear etc. etc

There was maybe another 50 people or so camping out, but it was far from crowded and still quite peaceful.

Next day we packed up and headed on home, all in all a magical escape for next to nothing, we each spent a total of 400RMB including food, petrol, boat fee, tent hire and snacks.