China Travel Tips

Coming to China? Here’s your one page resource list

Beijing, China - March 26 - The Meridian Gate at the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) 2010

Here’s a whole bunch of resources for China travelers and Ex-pats, enjoy.

Travel Inspiration
Trover features an easy to use Pinterest style interface for perusing travel photos of China, plus map

Travel Booking (accommodation and flights – has English speaking booking service) (accommodation and flights)

Trains loads of advice on train journeys, train types, stations, seating configurations and more. Book China train tickets online Trains booking – searchable train schedules – Rail network map including High Speed Rail

Intercity Buses

Emergency phone Numbers/ Useful numbers (travel complaints etc.)

Wiki Travel China
Wikipedia > China – the Chinese version of Wikipedia – you’ll need to use a translate tool

Travel Guides & Tips brief and to the point, fact-filled guides on cities and attractions. – loads of reviews and forums – books and online guides – books and online guides – Discover China is the official tourism site for China

Travel Q&A
Travellr has a small but helpful community, not as active as Tripadvisor, but it still may be quite useful:

The leader in travel Q&A, the China forum has some fantastically helpful members

Social News Sharing – I wouldn’t take anything to serious, unless it’s marked [serious], for expats this is one place you probably wanna be joined in on, just to keep sane on long stays.

City Guides – Events, nightlife, jobs and local life + Travel Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing – all major cities and more. – Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen – Shanghai – Chengdu – Kunming – Xinjiang and the Silk Road travel guide – Hong Kong – possibly one of the best city specific destination guides there is, the app is awesome too.

Restaurant reviews (Chinese – use Bing translator)

Local Recipes (Chinese) (Chinese)

Chinese Cuisine guides – a guide to ordering food with translations – Introduces the popular cuisines – A Field Guide to Chinese Street Food – Calorie and sodium guide

Travel Blogs China
Blog posts from the team at Context Travel feature detailed guides on visiting the top attractions at Beijing and Shanghai.

Travel Guides and Phrasebooks
Check out my curated list of books, apps and more here

Alternatives to Google services
Bookmarking – accessible from anywhere, pc, tablet, smartphone. Works a treat.


Translate (there’s also an English app for smartphones) – en<>cn dictionary – [smartphone app] super useful Chinese dictionary – [smartphone app] just like above, with a few more features

VPN – so you can access Google services, Facebook/Twitter, and almost everything outside of China.

Watch Video – most have a lot of English language content, there are also some HK movies with English subs Chinese Youtube Chinese Youtube (download required) watch movies and TV series (download required) watch movies and TV series

Music (Chinese – you can use English in the search box and find just about everything, to listen and download for free, hmmm..)

Social Apps – a great way to keep connected with people you meet, there’s an English version and it has translate feature. – very few people use email, everyone has QQ. It has many features, mostly used for chat and file sharing.

Learning Chinese – a really cool, simple and free app. If you find someone to teach you Chinese, this is also useful for providing structure for your learning.
More listed here

Humor offbeat China news TMD/MAMAHUHU the Shanghai-based comedy sketch group

History will get you started – superb podcast for China history fans

Culture guides has a lot of info on dating and living in China – Language and culture

Visa info

Know some more? Please let me know and I’ll add them in 🙂