Taipa Island Macau

Taipa Island is joined to Macau by three bridges being the Sai Van Bridge, Macau Taipa Bridge and the Friendship Bridge. Tapai and Coloane where once separate islands, but the two are have been joined as one land mass due to the land reclamation and formation of Cotai. 

Taipa features a university, ferry terminal, Macau International Airport, the Macau Jockey Club along with a mix of old casinos and new casinos. There’s also several temples and a church in the area including Pou Tai Un Temple, Small Kun Yam Temple, Tin Hau Temple, Sam Po Temple, Pak Tai Temple, Four-faced Buddha, Church of Our Lady of Carmel where tourists are welcome.

Taipa village is worth a wander having a very Portuguese relaxed feel to the place. The interesting alleyways and narrow streets are colorful and full of life, there’s also many nice looking restaurants there but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to try them. There’s also a couple of convenience stores which are handy if you are staying nearby.

The hills of Taipa, Taipa Grande and Taipa Pequena feature hiking tracks if your into that, my legs werent at the time!

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Taipa Map