Coloane – The Sleepy Side of Macau

To get my bearings, and get a feel for Macau, I jumped on a local bus, Macau isn’t that big and after a quick look at the map either bus number 26 or 15 looks to cover a fair amount of area and buses are cheap!

I caught bus number 26, which ends up doing a pretty big trip around Macau including Macau central, Taipa, through Cotai and Coloane. The bus gets a little packed as it moves around bus stops in central Macau, but as it heads to Cotai and down to Coloane its more relaxed, and my 1 hour or so sight-seeing Macua from the bus cost a whole 6MOP (less than $1AUD!).

I jumped off the bus at Coloane and which is about the only place where you manage to escape any sight of a casino! Coloanes main attractions are it’s two beaches Huc Sa Beach and Cheoc Van Beach, the A-Ma statue, and a quaint little fishing village.

Hac Sa Beach

Huc Sa beach isn’t quite like the beaches of the Gold Coast Australia that I’m used too, when I first got their I though, wow, theres been an oil spill! But apparently Huc Sa means black sand, and its just that. It’s still a great stretch of beach all the same and theres a Westin resort on one side and small stalls selling drinks and food along the beachfront.

Theres also a freindly guy that works on the beach operating a drilling machine that must be pumping sand to somewhere else. We had a ten minute converstation, he spoke in catonese and I spoke in english, and neither of us new what we were saying! What we had in common was admiring the skills of a photographer, who happened to be taking shots of 5 girls in bikinis…

Coloane Village square

Around a little further is Coloane village which looks like it hasn’t changed in many years and is mostly un-influenced by the modern progress seen elsewhere in Macau. Many of the buildings are the old portugese style, and the norrow  cobblestone streets make it an intersting place to walk around and experience the Macau of old.

St. Francis Xavier Chapel

The main drawcard within Coloane Village is the Chapel of St.Francis Xavier which was built in 1928. The church features a Eurpean style courtyard which leads to the church and an alleyway/street to the left which features some interesting open front shops.

Coloane Village streets

I didn’t have the time to venture up the mountain to the statue of A-Ma but I think it could be quite worthwhile especially on a clear day where there would be I’m guessing, an incredible view. A-Ma is apparently the goddess of the sea and the temple can be seen from far out at sea. Something too see next time!

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Coloane Map