Fly China for Less with New Budget Airlines

Fly China for Less with New Budget Airlines

Fancy a flight from Shanghai to an island paradise for 9RMB? Welcome to the new wave of budget airline carriers opening up in China that’s smashing airline travel costs.

Aviation is a huge growth sector in China with the domestic growth at 11%, with Chinese airlines carrying an additional 9 million domestic passengers in 1Q2015 compared to 1Q2014 and international growth growing by a whopping 57% in 1Q2015.

As this big giant monster they call China stomps it’s way into the richest nation in the world, everyone wants to go on holiday it seems! Happy days for the travel industry.

West Air

Who are the new budget airlines or Low Cost Carriers (LCC)?

Spring Air ( based in Shanghai
West Air ( based in Chongqing
9 Air ( based in Guangzhou
China United Airlines ( based in Beijing

Some of the websites are available in English otherwise your Chinese friends can surely help you out. Deals on offer range from the “seckill” specials starting at 8RMB. At the time of writing there was an offer for Shanghai to Osaka Japan for 99RMB, Shanghai to Bangkok flights for 199RMB, Haikou to Chongqing for 80RMB.

There’s more about China’s airlines here