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Shuhe Ancient Town of Lijiang China

Shuhe Ancient Town (or city) is located in the city of Lijiang and less than 10 minutes by taxi from the ‘Old Town of Lijiang’ which is at the center of the city. It’s a place where you can easily find yourself forgetting what year you are in, as you walk along the original cobblestone streets and admire the old architecture while quite often running into locals still dressed in traditional clothing. Read More.....» »

Jade Water Village in Lijiang

The Jade Water Village is located where a water spring exists at the base of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and this spring is scared to the local Naxi people. It is also the place where a famous American explorer/author/botanist, Joseph Rock, lived for many years. Now it is home to a large village including temples, traditional homes of the Naxi people, a theatre, and exhibits presenting the Naxi peoples Dongba culture.    Read More.....» »

Black Dragon Pool – Jade Spring Park in Lijiang

The Black Dragon Pool is one of the must visit places in Lijiang. The pool (or pond) is located in the Jade Spring Park in Lijiang, which is often referred to as Heilongtan Park, which is located at the foot of Elephant Hill. Read More.....» »

Accommodation in Lijiang: Sleepy Inn Lijiang

The Sleepy Inn is located in Shuhe Ancient Town which is a short taxi ride away from the more famous part of Lijiang being the ‘Old Town’. Don’t let this put you off though, as Shuhe Ancient Town feels much more authentic then the Old Town and it’s much more relaxed. Read More.....» »

Welcome to Lijiang of Yunnan Province

Lijiang, a small city by Chinese standards, is located in south west China and close to the Tibet border. The city is an extremely popular tourist destination due to its well preserved ancient buildings and it’s ancient local culture. Read More.....» »