Jade Water Village in Lijiang

The Jade Water Village is located where a water spring exists at the base of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and this spring is scared to the local Naxi people. It is also the place where a famous American explorer, author, and botanist, Joseph Rock, lived for many years.

Now it is home to a large village including temples, traditional homes of the Naxi people, a theatre, and exhibits presenting the Naxi peoples Dongba culture.   

The photo below is of traditional paintings which stretch across four walls telling an ancient story of the Naxi people and the formation of their culture and the development of their love for nature.

There is also a large temple on the grounds featuring a courtyard with a traditional furnace used by the Naxi people.


The main must-sees in the site are Dongba Murals, Sacred Spring, and Shiluo Temple. Entrance fee is 50 RMB and it’s open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. You can take bus #6 or bus #7 to get there (see Intro to Lijiang page for maps of the routes) or take a taxi which could cost 100 RMB.


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Jade Water Village Map Location

Address: Baisha Township, Yulong County, Lijiang, Yunan Province

Yulong Naxizuzizhixian, Lijiang Shi, Yunnan Sheng, China