Black Dragon Pool – Jade Spring Park in Lijiang

The Black Dragon Pool is one of the must-visit places in Lijiang. The pool (or pond) is located in the Jade Spring Park in Lijiang, which is often referred to as Heilongtan Park, which is located at the foot of Elephant Hill.

The park contains many temples, pavilions, and beautiful ancient architecture, including its bridges which lead you into the stunning pavilions. It’s an incredibly peaceful place and well worth allowing some time to relax, wander and enjoy.

The photo below is of the Moon Embracing pavilion, on a perfect day the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain can be seen clearly in the distance and the water of the pool shows it’s true jade green color. Even on a not so perfect day, such as when this shot was taken, it is still a stunningly beautiful place to be!


The photo below is of the Dragon God which is a very important figure in the ancient local culture.

It’s also a great place to experience the culture of the local Naxi people, and lucky me, I happened to be there when the local Naxi orchestra was playing their traditional instruments producing a sound that matched the serene environment.

Address: 1 Minzhu Road, Gucheng, Lijiang

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